Javier Milei closes his campaign before thousands of supporters in Parque Lezama

To the roar of “Hi everyone! I am the lion “ showed up tonight Javier Milei in the closing ceremony of the campaign, and then continued reciting the famous song of La Renga before thousands of militants who approached the amphitheater of the Lezama Park to support him in the November 14 elections.

Again, as in the run-up to the Primaries, the economist summoned a considerable number of liberals, libertarians, conservatives and those frustrated ex-voters of Together for Change.

At that time, the goal was position La Libertad Avanza as the third force in Buenos Aires territory above the left and in front of Ricardo López Murphy, the other space that was promoted as liberal but within the internal Juntos por el Cambio.

With the almost 14 points that Milei obtained in the PASO, plus the 11% that the former official of Fernando de la Rúa left on the road, They estimate that there are around 25% of voters in the City who are sympathetic to liberal ideas. Between them they collected more than 22% achieved by the Alvaro Alsogaray Center Alliance in 1989. There, the number with which in the environment of the outsider they found that “it is difficult but not impossible” to leave third on Leandro Santoro’s list emerges.

As in the prelude to the Primaries, the economist gathered thousands of followers (Luciano González)

In La Libertad Avanza they dream of bringing three national deputies to Congress in addition to Milei: Victoria Villarruel (chairs the Civil Association that brings together the Victims of Terrorism of Argentina), Nicolás Emma (president of the Libertarian Party of CABA) and María Fernanda Araujo (head of the Commission of Relatives of Fallen in Malvinas). In the Buenos Aires Legislature, the bet is between 7 and 8 of the candidates.

“We want to get more than in the Primary. We celebrate any number because we are already winners. If you compare it from the last six months to here, nobody expected us to get more than 5 points: first they said that Milei had no political party; after that we could not overcome the STEP; that we could not beat the left; and after that it was crazy the double digits. We were breaking all the prejudices that there were”, They stand out in La Libertad Avanza.

Milei campaign closure
Milei appeared with the music of La Renga playing in the background (Luciano González)

This week it emerged that, before PASO, Javier Milei and Mauricio Macri held a private meeting at the house that the former president has in Acassuso. Although in an attempt to minimize the council, it was reported that the PRO leader invited the libertarian candidate to talk about the economy and “learn his view on the way out of the crisis,” it was surprising that in statements to TN Milei excluded Macri from her definition of “political caste.”

He even stressed that when Macri began his government “his speech was liberal”, but that “the problem was who accompanied him”: “Macri arrived and had a very reasonable and understandable speech, but if one comes to power and has on one side the Radical Civic Union with its socialism impregnated to the marrow, the Civic Coalition and the doves (of JxC), it may be that he has been locked up and they did not let him make decisions, and that is why the government was how bad it was ”.

Milei campaign closure
(Luciano González)

Macri returned the gesture with a definition that at the same time intends to condition the final stretch of María Eugenia Vidal’s campaign. “The ideas that Milei expresses are the same that I have always expressed”declared the former president.

Until yesterday, from the libertarian space they did not rule out that in the act of this Saturday there is some mention of the rapprochement with Macri.


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