“Injurious and harmful” support of the US Congress to protesters, says the Cuban parliament

The Cuban Parliament described as “interference and harmful” against its country the initiative approved by the United States House of Representatives that supports those detained by the anti-government marches of July 11 and asks the government of the island not to arrest peaceful protesters .

The resolution approved by the US Lower House last Wednesday has a content that is “interfering and damaging to our sovereignty” and “is aimed at supporting the unconventional war that your government is carrying out against our country,” said the International Relations Commission of the National Assembly of People’s Power of Cuba, in a statement Saturday night.

The pronouncement accuses the United States of increasing “subversive actions” with campaigns on social networks “to distort” the Cuban reality, “trying to provoke destabilization, appear ungovernable, promote chaos and impose a soft coup that puts an end to the Socialist Revolution” .

The initiative of the US congressmen calls on the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the Ministry of the Interior and the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) “not to arrest or detain peaceful protesters.”

In addition, it urges the authorities in Havana to release “immediately all political prisoners and arbitrarily detained” who remain in custody after the protests.

The resolution of the US legislators is given in the context of the call launched by opponents to march on November 15 in Havana and six provinces of the island, with the purpose of calling for the release of political prisoners.

The organizers maintain their intention to demonstrate peacefully, despite the fact that the government prohibited this protest and has warned them of criminal consequences.

Some 560 people are still detained in Cuba of the more than 1,000 who were arrested by the July demonstrations shouting “Freedom” and “We are hungry”, which also left one dead and dozens injured.

The Cuban government maintains that it is a strategy planned and financed by the United States to bring about a regime change on the island.

“We condemn this new anti-Cuban monstrosity and once again alert legislators around the world” of “a possible new escalation in the confrontational policy of the United States of America against our country,” said the Foreign Relations Commission of the National Assembly. Cuban.



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