Friends of the late Hong Jung-woon say, “Labor education is necessary to prevent accidents from reoccurring”

– Friends of late Hong Jeong-woon, a field trainee who died during field training at a yacht company in Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, urged the establishment of a safe field training environment.

– On the afternoon of the 7th, about 90 people, including the National Specialized High School Union, Hong Jeong-woon’s friends, students and teachers from specialized high schools, marched to the Blue House in front of the Seoul City Hall to commemorate Hong. They chanted slogans such as “Field trainees are workers too” and “Institutionalize labor education in schools”.

– From the school that hosted the march, the Labor Education Movement Headquarters and the Specialized High School Union said, “When the president gave unfair instructions, such as dangerous diving, no one taught that the late Hong Jeong-woon refused to do so and that he should protect his life and safety first. “Now, we really need to teach the right to refuse unfair work orders from school.”

– On the 6th of last month, Hong, who was working at a yacht company, dived and died while removing barnacles from the bottom of the boat. Under the law, under the age of 18 should not be instructed to dive, but a joint government investigation revealed that the company had an apprentice who did not have the relevant qualifications, licenses, or experience to do the diving work, resulting in controversy.

Controversy over dismissal of reinstatement of dismissed civil servant for ‘criticizing Oh Se-hoon’

– Controversy is rising as the Seoul Metropolitan Government refuses to reinstate a public official, Mr. Kim, who was fired for criticizing then-candidate Oh Se-hoon during the 2014 Seoul mayoral election, saying that it does not correspond to union activities.

– Mayor Oh rejected the application for reinstatement in August, stating that Mr. Kim was not a dismissed public official under the ‘Special Act on Reinstatement, etc. of Dismissed Public Officials Related to Public Officials’ Labor Union’ (the Dismissed Public Official Reinstatement Act).

– Accordingly, the civil servants’ union (Chairman Ho-il Jeon) held a press conference in front of the main gate of Seoul City Hall on the morning of the 8th and urged the decision to reinstate the dismissed public servants. On the 5th, a retrial was held by the Seoul Personnel Committee regarding Kim’s reinstatement.

– The union pointed out that the Seoul city government’s decision to dismiss it was “Mayor Oh’s ignorant political retaliation and oppression based on mischief.”

– He also criticized the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s judgment that violations of the Public Official Election Act cannot be regarded as union activity as merely a deterrent to refuse reinstatement by arbitrarily interpreting the purpose and purpose of the law. The union urged “Mayor Oh to stop acting in a way that goes against the demands of the times by getting caught up in personal emotions until the very end, and make a decision to reinstate him.”

– Most government agencies are making decisions about the reinstatement of civil servants who have been unfairly dismissed since the establishment of the civil servant union. Shouldn’t the Seoul Metropolitan Government also make a forward-looking decision?

Migrant workers march ahead of Jeon Tae-il’s 51st anniversary

– The 13th of this month is the 51st anniversary of Jeon Tae-il’s martyrdom. Ahead of this, migrant workers marched through the city, demanding the abolition of discrimination.

– The migrant labor union and the Migrant Workers’ Equal Solidarity and Confederation of Trade Unions held a press conference on the afternoon of the 7th at Jeontaeil Bridge in Jongno-gu, Seoul and demanded, “Implement a work permit system that guarantees freedom of movement in the workplace.”

– The Employment Permit System, which is applied to migrant workers, does not allow freedom of movement in the workplace except in some exceptional cases. As a result, you may have to endure the unfair behavior of your employer in order to continue working.

– These groups argued that “migrant workers are indispensable in Korean society and should be guaranteed equal rights as human beings and workers.”

– Along with the implementation of the work permit system, they demanded the abolition of guidelines for guaranteeing a dormitory where people can live like human beings and deduction of room and board expenses, stopping wage discrimination against migrant workers, preparing measures to prevent industrial accidents, and abolishing discrimination in health insurance.

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