For a video game, a teenager murdered his brother in Veracruz

crime scene (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

An argument over a video game between two brothers ended in tragedy in the municipality of Gutiérrez Zamora, in the state of Veracruz.

The unfortunate event occurred in the Hidalgo neighborhood, in an address located on Ricardo Flores Magón street, when Luis Ernesto, 22 years old, he was stabbed at the hands of his brother Alexis, 17, allegedly after an argument sparked by the video game Free Fire.

Alexis attacked his brother Luis Ernesto in front of his mother and stepfather, causing him several injuries – according to the newspaper Grandstand– in the neck, which ended up causing his death.

The version collected by the newspaper Image of Veracruz He explained that the adults held the minor while they requested the assistance of the emergency services and members of the Municipal Police.

Nayde, the 52-year-old mother, told the authorities that her son was lying unconscious in the living room of the house. Minutes later, the Red Cross rescuers who attended him confirmed that he no longer had a pulse. Luis Ernesto was a high school student.

The stepfather of the minors detailed to the police that Luis Ernesto played the video game Free Fire from a cell phone with his brother Alexis. However, at one point the two got into an argument.

The authorities could not clarify if the discussion between the two began because Luis Ernesto did not want to give up the phone for his brother to play, or if it was rather because Alexis lost a game against his older brother.

The 17-year-old minor was turned over to the authorities and placed at the disposal of the Comprehensive Unit for the Procurement of Justice of the eighth judicial district based in the municipality of Papantla.

Luis Ernesto’s body was transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) by personnel from the Expert Services.

Caso Free Fire

On October 20, during the president’s morning press conference Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Undersecretary of Security, Ricardo Mejía Berdeja, released the case of three minors who were kidnapped through the video game Free Fire.

He explained that two users, identified as “Rafael” and “Miriam”, contacted the minors through the game and promised them a salary of several thousand pesos for working as organized crime hawks.

The three minors were transferred to the city of Tlacolula, in the same state, where they were held by a criminal gang. Later, the Cyber ​​Police authorities managed to find the minors through the same video game.

The minors were convinced to join organized crime allegedly due to an affinity for weapons and violence.

In this regard, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked the population spend more time with minors and limit device usage with internet connection. During the press conference, the president indicated that he does not intend to limit freedoms, however, he recommended acting responsibly.

“We’re free. The best thing is to limit ourselves, that we all act responsibly. You have to be careful and you have to spend more time with girls, boys and adolescents. Do not leave them with the devices on with these games that are designed to entertain them, but the contents are not necessarily good and you have to reflect, analyze, what is done”.


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