‘Fideito’ Menacho is pronounced after ‘push’ by Mario Irivarren and sends a message to his fans

Fideito Menacho speaks out in his networks. (Photo: América TV / Instagram)

After his name went viral after suffering a ‘push’ from Mario irivarren During the Telethon, actor Daniel Menacho used his Instagram account to pronounce himself. The young man tried to put cold cloths on the situation.

As it is remembered, the reality boy has been receiving constant criticism for push the actor from Back to the Neighborhood. Given this, Menacho in his Instagram story wrote: “Please, don’t make storms in glasses of water. Thanks greetings”.

Fideito Menacho is pronounced on Instagram.  (Photo: Instagram)
Fideito Menacho is pronounced on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

Also, and taking the situation with humor, he wrote: “The worst of all is that I have nothing to promote, it is not worth it.” Later he wrote that he had, and published the photo of his stand up.

In addition, he posted a video of a friend teasing him about the situation and pushing him. In this way, the popular Fideito shows that he does not hold any kind of grudge for what happened.

Fideito Menacho is pronounced on Instagram.  (Photo: Instagram)
Fideito Menacho is pronounced on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram)

For her part, Mari Irivarren published a video on her Instagram account where she points out that it was not her intention to push him and publicly apologized.

I have also sent my apologies internally, if you feel that I acted in bad faith, I did not even realize it, it was a totally unconscious act, so I apologize here too and I hope that with that the issue is clarified “, added.

The reality boy recalled that during the short time he participated in the Telethon, he was compared with the actor because of the physical appearance he had years before entering Combate.

“To finish, everything is fine with ‘Fideito’, today we have met, we have hesitated, they have chacote us because they told me that I was like that 10 years ago, you can ask him and he will answer the same thing” , sentenced.

Mario Irivarren also responded to his detractors, who ask him to be humble while they insult him.

“Then there are all those people who come with their attacks, with their offenses, with their insults, talking to you about humility and a series of things, that I no longer know whether to laugh or bother myself because they are things that are irrelevant, there is no problem here ”, he pointed annoyed.


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