Energy for households more expensive than ever in October

According to calculations by the comparison portal Verivox, private households in Germany had to pay more for heating, electricity and fuel in October than ever before. According to Verivox, the energy costs for a three-person model household with October prices projected for the whole year were 4549 euros, 35 percent higher than a year earlier. “Regardless of whether it is electricity, gas, heating oil or fuel: All types of energy are scratching their record levels or have even exceeded them,” explained Verivox energy expert Thorsten Storck.

Heating oil customers in particular suffered from the current development. Heating with oil has risen by 144 percent over the year. A significant price increase of 28 percent was also recorded for gas. The cost of gasoline and diesel has risen significantly – by 38 percent. “In view of the high international raw material prices and the rising CO2 price, this trend will continue in the medium term,” continued Storck. Electricity has risen by an average of 9.3 percent in the last 12 months.

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