Donato de Santis palpitates the third season of Masterchef Celebrity: which participants does he see as favorites

The most famous stoves in the world are getting ready to go on stage again. Subtract the last set-up, the final gloss to each kitchen, and everything is prepared for on Monday, November 8 at 9:30 p.m., when the Telefe screen turns on the new season of Masterchef Celebrity. A renewed challenge of a format proven in the country and in much of the world, but in each edition it seems as if nothing had happened before. As if every time is like the first time.

The format celebrity helps generate this fantasy. The renewal of the cast, like a play with a proven script in which the interpreters change. Characters with a long history in the media mix with representatives of the field of sports, journalism or music who make their first weapons on television. However, four names remain firm in each of the editions with celebrities: the conductor Santiago del Moro and the jurors Germán Martitegui, Damián Betular and Donato de Santis. And the Italian is already beginning to feel what the new season will be like.

The Olympic medalist Paula Pareto is one of the big bets of the production

In dialogue with Hold on Catalina by Eleven Ten, the chef was enthusiastic about this new chapter of the reality show and stressed that the professional background of each participant is put aside once they put on the apron. “There there is no more actor or actress or protagonist of the show, there is a desire to show off with a plate of food. You are a musician, everything is fine, but when it comes to presenting a dish, the dish speaks for itself”, He declared bluntly.

Along with Germán Martitegui, the Italian is the only one of the staff who participated in all the Argentine editions of the competition, with or without celebrities. And backed by that experience, He did not want to release a pledge on what will be seen on the Telefe screen. Neither of the new studio that will house the reality show, larger and with the latest technology. And much less of the first steps of the aspiring chefs in the recording sessions.

little viceroy
Mica Viciconte, one of the stars of Masterchef Celebrity 3

However, as if they were small condiments of a great delicacy in permanent preparation, the chef threw some tips on what will be seen on screen. And consulted by Catalina Dlugi on whom he saw better rumbed, he was encouraged to give names: “A (Tomás) Fonzi for example. It has good qualities, making small mistakes but it stands out a little bit among others. He is not the only one, eh “he stated reluctantly.

The driver smelled blood and wanted to know who those were others who had impressed the chef and asked for a proper name: Mica Viciconte. “I think it is about to sprout well. She is analyzing, she is studying, she is scrutinizing, she is as if to emerge herself”, He highlighted in reference to the ex Combat. And added the model and driver Mery del Cerro to complete the podium: “She has excellent quality as a person and also as a cook. He is struggling to position himself ”, he pointed.

Masterchef Celebrity 05/10/2021
Donato de Santis, Santiago del Moro, Damián Betular, Germán Martitegui and the award that everyone wants

In addition to Fonzi, del Cerro and Viciconte, who was the last to sign the contract, the celebrities who will wear the chefs outfit in the new edition are the actresses Catherine Fulop and Luisa Albinoni, actors Gastón Soffritti and José Luis Gioia, sports journalist Tití Fernández, the journalist specializing in police Paulo Kablan, the driver Denise Dumas, the musician Joaquin Levinton, and the former judoka and now a traumatologist Paula Small Pareto,, influence her Vicky Braier -popularly known as JuariuCharlotte Caniggia, the ex-footballer Hector Adolfo The black Enrique and the boxer Marcela Tigress Acuña.


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