COVID-19: Peru exceeds 36 million doses applied to its population

COVID-19: Peru exceeds 36 million doses applied to its population

Vaccine update. With information from the Single National Repository of Health Information (Reunis) and the Ministry of Health (Minsa), it was known that until 00:00:40 today are 36 million 200,981 doses applied for the inoculation of the population of Peru.

Of that total, 20 million 053,637 correspond to the first dose, 15 million 868,986 to the second dose and 278,358 for the third dose.

According to the Ministry of Health, the target population is men and women over 12 years of age, who in Peru number a little more than 28 million people.

According to him Last report were 278,731 people inoculated during November 6, of which 213,655 people attended for their first dose, 59,240 for their second dose and 5,836 for the third dose.

In the case of the prioritized risk groups, they are a total of 223,710 people vaccinated with the two doses against COVID-19.

We found that pregnant women inoculated with both doses add up to a total of 95,834 persons. People with rare or immune diseases are 46,646, people with mental disorders are 44,631, the patients cancer 15,191, people with Down Syndrome 12,385, patients with hemodialysis 7,816 and people with transplant or waiting a total of 1,207.

Situation of vaccinated until November 7.  (Photo: Minsa)
Situation of vaccinated until November 7. (Photo: Minsa)


This is the updated ranking of the 5 cities that have the highest number of vaccinated with both doses.

– Ica with 66.9% of its population vaccinated

– Lima with 64.3% of its population vaccinated

– Áncash with 64.1% of its population vaccinated

– Callao with 63.4% of its population vaccinated

– Moquegua with 62.7% of its population vaccinated

On the other hand, the updated ranking of the 5 cities with the lowest percentage of vaccinated is the following.

– Madre de Dios with 30.3% of its population vaccinated

– Loreto with 34.3% of its population vaccinated

– Puno with 34.4% of its population vaccinated

– Ucayali with 37.7% of its population vaccinated

– Huánuco with 41.2% of its population vaccinated

Currently only one district that has the 100% vaccinated and it is Cielo Punco, located in Cusco and with an estimated population of 1000 people. Likewise, of the 24 departments of Peru, there are 10 who still do not reach 50% of their vaccinated populationWithin that figure are the cities with the lowest percentage mentioned in the ranking and the ones that are missing would be the following: Ayacucho (43.2%), Amazonas (43.7%), Huancavelica (46.7%), San Martin (48.2%) and Cajamarca (48.9%)


The Ministry of Health (Minsa) invited adolescents to go together with their parents or an adult to the VacunaFest called “Asia Pop” that will take place this Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November during 36 hours uninterrupted.

Through its social networks, the Minsa suggested to the lesser followers of musical genres such as K-pop (South Korea) or J-pop (Japan) go to the vaccinations dressed in costumes of some of your favorite characters or artists.

“This Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 go to your vaccination center, upload your photo or video with your cosplay outfit, dance or perform a choreography of #KPop, #JPOP”, it is read in the Facebook post of the Minsa.

Look at the list of vaccination centers that you can attend this Sunday.

Vaccination sites in Lima with Asia - Pop theme. (Photo: Minsa)
Vaccination sites in Lima with Asia – Pop theme. (Photo: Minsa)


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