Celebrations on the streets of China and audience records: everything left by the League of Legends World Cup final

SHANGHAI, CHINA – NOVEMBER 6: The League of Legends World Championship Finals LPL Watch Party on November 6, 2021 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Riot Games China)

A new edition of the League of Legends World Championship and made clear something that is increasingly evident: esports is far from reaching its ceiling. Worlds 2021 marked a new audience peak during its finale between DWG KIA y EDward Gaming. According Sports Charts, had 4,018,728 million viewers, thus becoming the most watched League of Legends crossover. It was also the most watched match within non-mobile disciplines.

In this way, the Worlds 2021 final left the cross between T1 and G2 during the semifinals of the 2019 edition, which had remained unfazed at the top until now with almost 4 million simultaneous viewers. Not least data is that the count excludes Chinese platforms, so it can be assumed – especially after seeing how EDG’s triumph was received in China – that the final audience number is much higher.

The final had it all. The feat of EDG, a DAMWON in search of taking the torch of T1 and, in addition, the chance to see a final that reached his fifth game, where EDward Gaming finally prevailed 3-2 over their Korean rivals. The impact was such that with this crossover, League of Legends even dominated throughout all Twitch categories and set a record for the platform, accumulating 3.08 million viewers.

The hype for the final ran through all League of Legends channels, which managed to attract more people than ever and the succession of records was seen everywhere. Riot’s main Twitch channel, LCK, CBLOL, and LLA welcomed more people than ever to their broadcasts. The Latin American league channel had more than 300 thousand people following the coverage simultaneously, establishing a new peak.

The transmission of the LLA channel not only achieved an outstanding number for its own history, but also prevailed over other channels that tend to have a larger audience. An achievement that was achieved thanks to the work of the casters and analysts who gathered to cover the most important game of Worlds 2021.

The feat of EDward Gaming it was huge. The Chinese team did not arrive as the favorite. Not only because they would never have managed to overcome the quarterfinals in Worlds, but because they had ahead of DWG KIA. The Korean squad – with Showmaker at the helm – came from leaving on the road, nothing more and nothing less, than T1. DAMWON reached the final with the aim of putting his stamp on a new era for South Korean esports by lifting the cup for the second year in a row, after being the 2020 champions.

Obviously a victory of this level could not go unnoticed in China, where esports have a large number of followers who followed the final with the importance that a local team deserves to reach that stage. With the closing of the last game and the definition of the series, the celebrations were huge and went viral on social networks. Daniel Ahmad, a user who is dedicated to the coverage of the video game industry in China, showed a video that reflected the reaction of the audience in one of the events that brought together EDG fans to watch the final.

From his Twitter account, @FionnOnFire showed the impact of the final in the student dormitories, which showed their support for the Chinese team. Although the support generated by esports in China is known, in the mentions many were not surprised to see how the celebrations that one usually associate with other sporting events, such as football, spread. It is evident that esports are generating ever stronger ties with their audiences.

As with any victory, it is also the turn to fulfill the promises made by fans who leave everything to see their team win. Videos began to circulate on Weibo, the Chinese platform, showing fans immediately fulfilling what they had promised for EDG to raise the glass in the Worlds final.

Despite not having achieved the title, DWG also got the support of its fans, who highlighted the importance of having reached the final and the players themselves adopted a positive position in front of their second place, but understanding that it is a challenge for him. 2022. “The step after second place is first place. So yes, I’m going to come back here to win everything, “Showmaker said in the press conference they gave when the series ended.

The final had another special ingredient and it was that Khan, a DAMWON player, played what would be his last game before retiring. And he did it by being one of the best players in the world. Today, before a minority of users who decided to take the conference of some of the players negatively, he published a message on his social networks to clarify the situation: “After the world finals, when we entered the press conference room, I asked my colleagues to say goodbye to me with a smile. The Worlds result was what it was, and I wanted to improve the mood. It was I who first suggested that everyone blame me. If there’s anyone to blame, it’s me. It hurts to see how there are still people trying to point fingers, even in my last days (as a professional player), ”translated journalist Ashley Kang.

Against the over-demand that players are sometimes subjected to, understanding that there is a completely different cultural context, it is remarkable that players have decided to understand this instance as a challenge for the future. They have what it takes to continue taking the South Korean esports scene to the top.

In a pure LoL day, the closing of the day came from the hand of Arcane, the Netflix series about League of Legends. As part of all the special actions that were projected to celebrate the launch, the content creators had the possibility of transmitting the first chapter through their Twitch channels simultaneously with its premiere, generating a great event that the community was part of. LoL World Cup.

The world premiere generated a peak of 1.83 million viewers on Twitch alone, with coverage that featured top-of-the-line streamers, such as Ninja and TheGrefg, who were also responsible for presenting the Jinx skin in Fortnite a few days ago. Arcane, in this way, got into the top 5 of the most popular categories within the platform.

I spend a day in which esports proved that they came – a long time ago – to stay and that the limits of audience and expressions in the entertainment industry are far from finding an end.


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