Carolina Braedt’s wedding: These were the influencers she excluded from her wedding and they weren’t invited

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Fashion influencer Carolina Braedt, better known on social media as ‘Fashaddicti’, fulfilled one of her dreams on November 6, by marrying the love of her life Bruno Vega, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2013 and became engaged at the end of May on a visit to Machu Picchu.

In her social networks, she showed all her preparation for her wedding day so that her followers can live it with her. He started his day fulfilling his usual routine.

“You can’t do things differently on your wedding day, if your whole life and every day you are going to train early in the morning, why would your wedding day be different, right?”he commented in one of his stories.

The influencer was very clear about how she wanted this event to take place, so she traveled to Spain to carry out the process of her wedding dress. He went to Europe to work with the exclusive brand Rosa Clará in the making of the outfit that he finally wore at the ceremony.

In addition to being an influencer, Carolina has several ventures with her current husband. They have one cafeteria named after Rutina, which already has a second location due to the reception it has had from the public. They also maintain clothing brands: Antelina, Haki and Esthercita, where they also sell accessories. Finally, its most popular and visited business is the lodging in Piura called Pirámides de Máncora.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram


Carolina Braet’s group was made up of several Peruvian influencers made up of Natalia Merino, Paloma Derteano, Mafer Neyra, Ximena Moral and Dolce Placard. A few months ago it was stipulated through social networks that the influencers Natalia Merino, better known as Cinnamon Style and Carolina Braedt, better known as Fashaddictti.

Cinnamon Style He was not in the marriage of the well-known fashion influencer, since through social networks Carolina confessed that they were no longer friends. The exact reasons why they stopped talking is unknown, but he confessed that “Natalia does not join his life”Since then, they have not been seen together.

It should be noted that Fashaddictti did attend Natalia Merino’s wedding and it is stipulated that they argued at her bachelorette party.

In the case of Paloma Derteano, she did not attend the wedding, as she is traveling in Mexico with her sister. It should be noted that the influencer is pregnant again and last year she gave birth to her daughter Constanza, better known as ‘la Cotasha’.

Mafer Neyra, He did not attend Carolina’s wedding, but on the same day at the same time he was seen in an Instagram video dancing with a beer in hand, where the one who recorded it was Natalia Merino.

Finally, Dolce Placard He did not upload any video or story to his social networks about Carolina’s wedding, he was seen working as he normally does.

For its part, the only one who posted a message on their social networks and attended a little late, was Ximena Moral, posting an Instagram story with the influencer.

“My heart is there with you, the most beautiful bride, @carolinabraedt I love you !!!” mentioned on his Instagram account.

“How I would like to be with you there celebrating this special day, I love you with all my heart !!! @carolinabraedt ” Indian.

Finally, one of those who attended early was the successful fashion influencer and now television host Tana Rendón. Who placed the entire event through their stories congratulating Carolina and showing the entire process, from when it began to be arranged to the photoshoot that I had Fashaddictti.


The fashion influencer ‘Fashaddicti’ was accompanied by her mother to Spain to design her wedding dress. He recorded in his stories all the details of the emotional trip and his visit to the workshop, in addition, he tried on a myriad of outfits to identify his tastes.

From those details, they highlighted their favorite outfits, the design that will be sent to Peru will be chosen, since all the tests and adjustments will be made in Lima, and everything will be planned for the big day. “I had a great time, it was a beautiful day, I felt like a princess,” she commented on her social networks.


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