Berazategui: a Buenos Aires policeman killed his ex-partner’s boyfriend with a bullet in the head

The accused is a member of the Police of the province of Buenos Aires

A member of the Buenos Aires Police He killed his ex-partner’s current boyfriend this Saturday with a bullet in the head, who was also seriously injured, after attacking them with shots when both were inside a car in the Buenos Aires party of Berazategui.

The defendant was arrested a few blocks after trying to escape from the scene, while the victim, a 33-year-old man identified as Lucas Saavedra, He died a few hours later at the Evita Pueblo Hospital, where he had been transferred in serious condition.

The violent attack occurred yesterday, after 4:00 p.m., on 416 Street, a few meters from the Centennial Road, in the Buenos Aires town of Gutiérrez, where Saavedra and his girlfriend were aboard a vehicle, Laura Figueroa, 31 years old.

In these circumstances, according to judicial spokesmen to the agency Telama black Peugeot Partner utility van, driven by Ramon Mieres, the young woman’s former partner and with whom she has a daughter in common, and member of the Drug Trafficking Division of the Buenos Aires Police.

At that moment, without a word, he began to shoot both of them. The ex-partner of the aggressor and her boyfriend got out of the car to try to escape, but finally they fell to the ground seriously injured and, after that, the Buenos Aires cashier escaped from the scene. Finally, however, he was arrested a few blocks away.

The capture was achieved from witnesses who heard the shots and alerted the authorities, while a vehicle control was also being carried out a few meters away, so the actions of the troops were immediate, according to judicial sources.

The area where the murder occurred is a dirt street surrounded by trees, but located near an avenue
The area where the murder occurred is a dirt street surrounded by trees, but located near an avenue

To the naked eye, Figueroa had at least two shots in the torso and Saavedra had a bullet impact in the head. The two were rushed to the Evita Pueblo hospital.

This very Saturday night, finally Saavedra died as a result of the gunshot wound to the head, while Figueroa is still hospitalized in critical condition.

Several experts from the Scientific Police and members of the 3rd police station worked at the crime scene during the afternoon. from Berazategui, who collected eight 9-millimeter caliber pods on the asphalt, added the sources consulted.

Meanwhile, by apprehending Mieres the uniformed officers seized his regulation pistol Bersa Thunder. He had seven cartridges intact and one in the chamber.

The investigation was in charge of the prosecutor Silvia Borrone, which subrogates the UFI N ° 1 of Berazategui, and supervised the tasks carried out from the scene. On Monday he will investigate the accused for the crime of Simple homicide aggravated by the use of a firearm of Saavedra, in real contest with attempted homicide aggravated by the relationship and by mediating gender violence of your ex-partner.

Just a few weeks ago, a similar event was discovered after a former police officer was recognized by witnesses as the author of his wife’s crime, which occurred in 2019 in front of a party hall in the Buenos Aires town of Marcos Paz.

Is about Hugo Orlando Ibarra. He is accused of “homicide aggravated by the relationship, for having mediated gender violence and for the use of a firearm”, to the detriment of Cristina Noemí “Beba” Rodríguez, whom he allegedly murdered during his niece’s 15th birthday celebration.


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