92-89. Baskonia recovers the pulse against Unicaja

The French forward of Unicaja de Málaga Axel Bouteille (d), and the Baskonia players Simone Fontecchio (c) and Steven Enoch (i), during a play of the match corresponding to the day of the Endesa Basketball League played this Sunday in the Fernando Buesa pavilion in Vitoria. EFE / David Aguilar

Vitoria, Nov 7 (EFE) .- Bitci Baskonia recovered the pulse this Sunday against Unicaja (92-89), in a match that was decided in the final minutes and in which the locals recovered from a bad start to give the return to the result supported by a quintet without pivots.
The two teams put on record that they are not going through their best moment, but the game grew in basketball and in interest as the minutes passed until it opted for the locals, who relied on an omnipresent Tadas Sedekerskis, with 35 valuation credits , and the success of Jayson Granger, with 24 points and 7 triples.
Unicaja lived off the outside success of Axel Bouteille and Tim Abromaitis, with 23 and 17 points, respectively, and when they disappeared from the equation, Baskonia found the way to return to the duel.
Unicaja entered the game better and dominated in the first minutes with a successful Tim Abromaitis, who was associated with his teammates to keep his team ahead and take advantage of the offensive problems of the Catalans.
When the exteriors came into play, the Andalusian team launched for the first quarter of 2-16 with which they achieved the first serious income of the match, until eight consecutive points from Serbian Vanja Marinkovic opened a thread of hope in the production of the Baskonia, who got the game uphill from the start, 14-22.
Two three-pointers by Jonathan Barreiro again opened a gap and gave Unicaja confidence and solidity, which was feeling better as the minutes passed, but Simone Fontecchio took over the scoring relay from Vanja Marinkovic and Baskonia began to grow thanks to the speed and the defensive activity that the Latvian Arturs Kurucs printed.
A 13-2 run brought the locals back into the game and the actions of Lithuanian Tadas Sedekerskis adjusted the match at halftime, 36-41.
The rebound continued to give life to Unicaja after passing through the changing rooms and Dusko Ivanovic opted to play without centers, with Tadas Sedekerskis in the position of “five”. Eight consecutive points by Jayson Granger kept the locals afloat, who were struggling to close the waterway opened by Tim Abromaitis.
Fotis Katsikaris chose to withdraw his tall men from the track and Tadas Sedekerskis imposed his law to equalize the forces, 57-57, although five points from Axel Bouteille gave a break to the visitors, who could not stop the Baskonist revolutions.
Dusko Ivanovic continued with his lacking quintet of tall men and two triples by Jayson Granger and Tadas Sedekerskis catapulted the Catalans 10-0 to take the initiative at the start of the last period.
Axel Bouteille made an effort from the triple to keep his team in the game until the epilogue and the composers equalized the contest with 74 with five minutes remaining, at which point the game entered an exchange of triples that left everything to be decided in the last minute.
A triple by Lithuanian Rokas Giedraitis with 43 seconds left and an offensive rebound from the Lithuanian ended up turning the balance in an eternal final in which Baskonia savored the honey of victory two weeks later.
– Datasheet:
92 – Bitci Baskonia (14 + 22 + 24 + 32): Granger (24), Giedraitis (11), Fontecchio (13), Sedekerskis (22) and Costello (8) -starting five-, Nnoko (-), Marinkovic ( 13), Baldwin (1), Enoch (-) and Kurucs (-).
89 – Unicaja (22 + 19 + 21 + 27): Norris Cole (11), Brizuela (11), Bouteille (23) Abromaitis (17) and Eric (8) -five starting-, Alberto Díaz (3), Jaime Fernández (2), Barreiro (11), Alonso (-) Nzosa (2), Carlos Suárez (-) and Rubén Guerrero (1).
Referees: Carlos Peruga, Francisco Araña and Alberto Baena. They eliminated the visitor Eric (min.34) and the local Fontecchio (min.35) and Granger (min.40) for personal fouls.
Incidents: match corresponding to the ninth day of the Endesa League played at the Fernando Buesa Arena in Vitoria before 6,206 spectators.


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