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During the demonstrations by Corona critics and deniers in Leipzig, there were also violent clashes with the police on Saturday. A policeman had to be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient. A stranger had sprayed a police officer with irritant under the visor of the helmet at a police barrier. The officer had to be hospitalized because of the eye injuries he suffered. Five police officers were injured but were still fit for duty. This is the preliminary balance of the Leipzig police:

  • So far have been 48 offenses registered by 43 known people. According to the police, this number can increase, and other cases are currently being processed.
  • These include physical attacks on law enforcement officers, acts of resistance, insults, bodily harm, damage to property, breaches of the peace, reports of using symbols of unconstitutional organizations and violations of the Assembly Act.
  • In one case it is running a preliminary investigation into bodily harm in office.
  • Elevators were stopped in several places to establish the identity of those involved. More than 500 people were temporarily detained and checked.
  • From this and because of other identified actions and violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance, more than 600 administrative offense proceedings initiated.
  • There were 300 referrals granted.

24 rights previously in custody

The police had already tweeted on Saturday that several groups from the so-called lateral thinking scene had each carried out elevators in the three-digit range. Several people from the right spectrum were there. “The 24 people were taken into custody because of their behavior and the items they were carrying.” Occasional attempts had been made to break barriers, police officers had been pelted with objects and sprayed with irritant.

Clear words from Mayor Jung

Now the mask has finally fallen! By yesterday at the latest it must be clear to everyone that the so-called lateral thinker movement not only accepts the accompaniment of right-wing extremist circles, but also allows itself to be supported violently. They have no reservations about the radical right, and even openly alliance with neo-Nazis. These unspeakable protests are anti-democratically infiltrated, deliberately violate the rules and laws and are an expression of a selfish, unsolidary attitude.

Burkhard Jung
Lord Mayor of the City of Leipzig (SPD)

Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung called the Corona protests “out of the question”. He thanked everyone “who peacefully oppose those who are only oriented towards their own well-being, ultimately those who reject our basic order”. He expressly thanked the approximately 1,500 police officers who had intervened “courageously but prudently”. “My special thanks go to the seriously injured officer who has to be treated in the hospital.”

A rally by the action alliance “Leipzig takes a seat” against the so-called lateral thinking scene, to which around 500 participants had been registered, ended on Saturday evening without incident.

Protests smaller than a year ago

A year after the riots at a “lateral thinking” demonstration in Leipzig, several thousand people gathered again on Saturday in the city to protest against the corona restrictions. The demonstration was much smaller than in 2020. The police were on site with numerous forces and three water cannon squadrons. Support also came from other federal states. The aim of preventing an unauthorized elevator through the city center had been “consistently implemented”, judged the police in the operation balance sheet.


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