VIDEO: The moment Travis Scott noticed the accident that left eight dead in Texas

On November 5, the first date of the Astroworld music festival was held in Houston, Texas, organized by rapper Travis Scott. During the presentation, It sparked a human avalanche that claimed the lives of eight assistants and injured 300 people, according to the latest reports.

In the last hours, hundreds of videos of the event have circulated on social networks, where the crushing that occurred as well as the artist’s reaction to noticing the fainting of one of the attendees of the recital.

“Stop,” he said, as he stood on a platform on stage. “We need help, someone has passed out here,” he told the event’s security team. He then asked his followers not to touch the subject who lost consciousness: “Don’t touch it, everyone back. Security, someone help and come quickly. Someone come in now, let’s go ”.

Later, it can be seen in the video that the medical and security team of the team intervened to attend the rapper’s concert attendant, who, it is presumed, continued with the event after this break.

The recital was attended by at least 50 thousand people, as explained by the Houston fire chief, Samuel Peña, in a conference on the events.

PHOTO: Instagram/@travisscott

In social networks, Travis has come under fire for failing to respond to public requests to stop the concert. There are even videos of some attendees trying to stop the show, without success, and of some unconscious attendees being taken care of by the authorities while the music continues.

However, according to Houston authorities, the concert was stopped shortly after the human stampede occurred. During an interview with CNN, a festival goer that celebrated its third edition, He recounted his experience at the concert, where he suffered from multiple blackouts.

According to him, he arrived at the location hours before Travis appeared on stage. Shortly before the presentation began, a countdown appeared on the big screens of the venue: “A countdown started 30 minutes before the show, a timer started on the big screen,” he said.

Conferring the account ran out, the woman recalled that she began to feel more suffocated by the other attendees: “Suddenly, all the people compressed each other and pushed forward or backward. As the timer approached zero, everything just got worse”.

PHOTO: Instagram/@travisscott
PHOTO: Instagram/@travisscott

Although the young American tried to leave the event, this was impossible due to the number of people around her and who compressed her body, causing her to faint. She was later brought to safety, she said, and when she woke up she was in a different area.

Travis Scott concerts have become famous for the number of attendees, pushing and fainting, which are recurrent.

In 2015, the rapper was arrested for “unruly conduct” during a concert at Lollapalooza for inciting attendees to jump over the security bars and get on the stage where he performed. Situation that was repeated once more in 2017, this time in Arkanas, United States.

For his part, a couple of hours ago, Travis issued a statement on the situation, in which he also offered his “prayers” to the families of those affected.

PHOTO: Instagram/@travisscott
PHOTO: Instagram/@travisscott

“I am completely devastated by what happened last night. My prayers go out to all the families and everyone who was shocked by what happened at the Astroworld Festival. The Houston police have my full support as they continue to investigate this tragic loss of life, “he wrote in a statement posted on his Twitter account.

“I am committed to working together, together with the Houston community, to heal and support families in need,” added the artist who concluded with a thank you to the Houston police department and firefighters for their “immediate response and support. ”.


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