Video: Claudia León publicly complained about Cayito Dangond, Silvestre’s brother, for breaching a commitment

Taken from Instagram @claudiajleon

The entertainment events entrepreneur, Claudia León, denounced through her social networks in the last hours the singer Cayito Dangond, Silvestre Dangond’s brother, where she assures that he stole the money from a presentation because he failed to comply with the commitment of a concert and he disappeared without giving any answer.

“Hello, well what a blessing social networks, thanks to them you can tell your nonconformity of the things that happen to you sometimes on a daily basis, like this (…)”These were the first words that the businesswoman mentioned before making the respective complaint against the artist.

Look here for Claudia León’s statements:

“Mr. Cayito Dangond, the vallenato artist with whom we had a contract signed for a date for Neiva, Huila, about 15 years, and he calls me and says’ I can’t keep the date because I’m leaving for another date where they pay me plus. My dear, where is the signed contract? “the event organizer continued with her story.

I assure that this type of people cannot go through life signing contracts for life, and then canceling them, because the woman affirms that the girl who is about to turn 15 is on the verge of suffering a nervous breakdown because she handed over all her cards mentioning the presence of the artist.

“It is a very nice party that his parents organized for him and the artist cancels him because he is leaving for another date where they pay him more. That is not an artist, that is not a decent artist, that is not having a word and that is why they do not progress, because they are liars “, concluded the businesswoman in her statements.

The publication was shared by the entertainment portal ‘Rechismes’ in charge of replicating the content that celebrities share on their social networks, where it was very annoyed by the attitude of the singer, where within hours of being broadcast it already exceeds 76,000 reproductions, more than 2,300 ‘likes’ and about 170 comments, of which the following stand out:

“Spending money on that raise that nobody knows about and beyond that is unfulfilled”, “An artist grows by his seriousness, businessmen already know who not to hire”, “Very true, he is an unprofessional person”, “I of that Girl better give me trips to sing that boy “,” Unprofessional, that demands it “,” You have to have a word, Mr. Artist, comply with what you agreed that is not done “,” Cayito who does not hit even with a magic drop and goes out with that one ”, among others.

Support for the Historical Pact

On September 10, the Colombian senator, Gustavo Petro, launched the Historical Pact in the city of Barranquilla. The event took place in the Plaza de la Paz and had a peculiar platform in the shape of a ‘P’.

But Petro’s visit to Barranquilla was not only about seeking the support of the citizens. This Saturday, from the official account of Human Colombia, they announced that the pact received the support of the artist Vallenato Cayito Dangond, Younger brother of fellow singer Silvestre Dangond.

“The great Cayito Dangond joins the # PactoHistórico. Welcome! Because the Pact is also art and culture “, noted the political movement. Along with the publication is a photograph of the artist with Petro.


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