They confirm the murder of a teacher in the municipality of Albania, Caquetá

In the image, the teacher Eberto Silva, murdered in the department of Caquetá. Photo: Twitter Fecode

The Caquetá Police confirmed the murder of the teacher Eberto Silva, at the hands of two armed men who came to the educational institution where he worked in the village of La Argentina, in the municipality of Albania, and they took him out of the place with lies and then killed him.

As reported to RCN by the commander (e) of the department’s Police, Franklin Cruz, “two men reportedly entered the village of La Argentina, a rural area of ​​Albania 17 kilometers away, the teacher was taken away by deception. “

The authorities also learned that before the teacher was removed from the place, he asked the criminals to take his motorcycle in exchange for not killing him, however, the armed men ignored his request and also took him out of the school .

According to the information provided by the Police to the same medium, after Silva was removed from the institution nothing more was known about his whereabouts until the community found his lifeless body.

A special group arrived at the scene of the events that carried out the removal of the body and who will be in charge of collecting evidence to determine who and why they attempted against the teacher’s life.

On the motives behind the crime, in dialogue with Caracol Radio, the mayor of the municipality of Albania, Harold Pérez, assured that “It is an isolated event because the teacher had a good behavior, was very loved by the community and enjoyed the good man before the inhabitants of this town, it is not known that he had any threat, in his twelve years in this institution he was very serious. “

For its part, the Colombian Federation of Education Workers (Fecode), through its Twitter account, rejected the murder and requested guarantees for teachers, especially those who work in rural areas of Colombia.

“This news INDIGENOES us as a Magisterium. Rural teachers are alone in the face of the violence that increases every day. With deep sorrow, we express our solidarity with his family, with AICA and with his educational community. Goodbye, comrade, ”wrote the Federation.

Authorities capture the alleged murderers of a teacher from Soatá, Boyacá

In the image, the teacher Luz Marina Valderrama, murdered in Soatá, Boyacá.  Photo: Private archive
In the image, the teacher Luz Marina Valderrama, murdered in Soatá, Boyacá. Photo: Private archive

On August 22, the retired teacher, Luz Marina Valderrama, was found dead inside her home in Soatá, Boyacá, apparently gagged and hands tied, as initially announced by the governor of the department, Ramiro Barragán. Regarding the case, on October 8, the Boyacá Police Commander, Colonel Jorge Cabra, announced the capture of three people, allegedly implicated in the homicide.

According to the information provided by Colonel Cabra, the three people captured, of Venezuelan nationality, they were detained simultaneously in the municipalities of Cáqueza (Cundinamarca) and Soatá.

“These people had come to the teacher’s place of residence, and they allegedly murdered her with the intention of stealing. Within the search procedures in coordination with the Attorney General’s Office, stolen items were recovered “explained the Boyacá Police Commander to Caracol Radio.

For his part, the teacher’s son, Edwin Vargas, during a hearing announced that the victim knew his murderers, since she helped them with markets and mattresses, and they even managed to create a friendship with her.

“They earned my mother’s trust, she helped them with markets, gave them mattresses, shared a drink with them, a friendship … The Forensic Medicine tests say that she was beaten to the point of causing a head trauma, is what most I was surprised, and thanks to the investigation, they gave themselves away through a call, ”Vargas said, as reported by Caracol Radio.

Luz Marina’s son also reported that the three captured accepted the charges during the hearing, and were later transferred to a prison in Santa Rosa de Viterbo and to another in Sogamoso.


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