Telethon 2021 LIVE: follow here minute by minute of the solidarity day

Artists who will be at La Teletón. (Photo: Instagram)

Being 11 in the morning, this Saturday, November 6, the Telethon 2021, a solidarity day that brings together the entire country with a single purpose, to help girls, boys and young people with physical disabilities who are cared for in the San Juan de Dios clinics.

Like every year, all the television channels and their main talents come together again and put aside their differences. Under the slogan “You are in my strength”, the solidarity day will not only have television coverage, there will also be a digital broadcast and a mega-concert.

Follow here LIVE the incidents of the Telethon 2021, digital transmission:

Follow here LIVE the incidents of the Telethon 2021, television coverage:

4:37 Aldo Miyashiro presents the case of Diana Fabiola. His life passed normally until in his adolescence he began to feel bad, due to tumors in the spine. After surgery, he could not sit or use his upper and lower limbs. Diana Fabiola receives therapies at the San Juan de Dioa Clinic Home in Piura and is progressing every day.

Aldo Miyashiro presents Diana Fabiola's case at the Telethon.
Aldo Miyashiro presents Diana Fabiola’s case at the Telethon.

3:42 Sebastián Monteghirfo manages to collect the 11 shirts of the Peruvian National Team, each one signed. Even Gianluca Lapadula’s. An important company donated 50 thousand soles for this collection.

3:37 Of the study they make a link with Sebastián Monteghirfo, who interviews the Marko Ciurlizza, Puma Carranza and Miguel Rebosio. The ex-footballers deliver two T-shirts of the University Sports Club, signed by all the members of this year, in order for them to be auctioned.

Former footballers present at the Telethon.  (Photo: Telethon)
Former footballers present at the Telethon. (Photo: Telethon)

3:14 Aldo Miyashiro, Laura Huarcayo, Fernando Díaz, Adriana Quevedo, Karen Schwarz and Jesús Alzamora, on stage, encourage the population to continue helping, without pressure and with the sole intention of showing solidarity with the children of the Hogar Clínica San Juan de Dios.

3:09 So far, S / 2,130,062 has been collected.

3:06 Gisela Valcárcel interviews Zoe’s family and highlights her strength.

Gisela Valcárcel in La Teletón.  (Photo: Latina)
Gisela Valcárcel in La Teletón. (Photo: Latina)

2:52 Gisela Valcárcel shared the story of Zoe Valentina, a girl who suffers from infantile cerebral palsy. “On December 20 he is going to walk”, the ‘Señorito’ said excitedly.

Zoe's family at Telethon 2021. (Photo: Latina)
Zoe’s family at Telethon 2021. (Photo: Latina)

2:28 So far, S / 1,920,373 has been collected.

2:15 Jhonsú Mendoza admitted to being a fan of the telenovela ‘Luz de luna’ and of the character ‘El león de la cumbia’. Actor André Silva dedicated the song ‘Júrame’ to her and promised that she will be the special guest at his next concert.

2:05 Gisela Valcárcel spoke with Jhonsú Mendoza, 6 years old, who is the Girl Ambassador of the solidarity event.

1:36 Telethon 2021 made the game ‘Warriors for the Telethon’, which confronted men and women of the television medium. The players were made up of participants from This is War and artists from the ‘Back to the neighborhood’ series. The women’s team won the challenge.

1:20 Maju Mantilla and Ricardo Rondón invited people to continue donating with the Teletón. “We have to do our part, today is the day!”said the host of En Boca de Todos.

1:07 In just two hours, S / 1,590,599 has been collected.

12:51 Gisela Valcárcel was present at the Telethon. “We are happy to reach all of Peru on this journey that brings us together today. (…) We got together and this time we don’t have a goal of money, but we do have a goal ”.

12:30 Natalie Vértiz and Yaco Eskenazi invited various personalities to participate in the segment ‘A goal, a donation’. Those who managed to score a goal and contribute to the Telethon were Luigi Monteghirfo, Alvina Ruíz, Romina Vega and Paloma Fiuza.

Paloma Fiuza at the Telethon 2021.
Paloma Fiuza at the Telethon 2021.

12:17 Aldo Miyashiro was moved by presenting the story of Christian and Sayda, Mía’s parents. The little girl was born with a congenital disease called clubfoot. “Mía teaches her parents to be strong and us the heroism of thousands of children who try to walk again”the driver argued.

12:09 Ethel Pozo and Edson ‘Giselo’ Dávila encouraged viewers to perform ‘The Telethon Challenge’. Those interested should only record themselves dancing in front of cameras, tag three friends and the official Telethon account. And ready!

Conductores de América Hoy join the Telethon 2021.
Conductores de América Hoy join the Telethon 2021.

11: 42 Natalie Vértiz and ‘Choca’ Mandros gave way to the segment ‘El micro de la Teletón’, hosted by ‘Chola Chabuca’. The guests were Said Palao, Tula Rodríguez, ‘La Uchulú’, Alejandra Baigorria, Tepha Loza, among other artists.

11:26 Laura Huarcayo presented the story of Antoñito, a little boy who suffers from Cardio Facio Cutaneous Syndrome. Thanks to the therapies of the San Juan de Dios Clinic, he managed to walk and thus develop a normal life.

11:17 A group of mothers thanked the San Juan de Dios Clinic for taking care of their children with different abilities, for which they made the first donation of S / 915.

11:03 Laura Huarcayo, Mathias Brivio, Jesús Alzamora, Karen Schwarz, Adriana Quevedo, Rosana Cueva and Fernando Díaz greeted the viewers. “We have to think more about ourselves than thinking about one”Brivio asked the audience.

Ambassadors of the Telethon 2021 greet the public.
Ambassadors of the Telethon 2021 greet the public.

11:01 An emotional video of various characters from the national media is presented celebrating the start of the Telethon with a cover of the song ‘This is my land’ by Eva Ayllón.

Mathías Brivio and Laura Huarcayo at Telethon 2021.
Mathías Brivio and Laura Huarcayo at Telethon 2021.

11:00 Telethon 2021 started


Unlike other years, and taking into account the difficult health and economic situation that the country is going through, this time the goal of Telethon 2021 will not be monetary, but rather to unite the country again and continue taking care of the health of Peruvian families.


This time, The solidarity crusade will begin on Saturday, November 6 at 11:00 am and will be broadcast on the national chain, for 11 hours uninterrupted, by the signals of Latin America, Pan-American and ATV.

Among the novelties that the Telethon brings this year, highlights the transmission that will be made from digital platforms with the participation of renowned influencers such as Pía Copello, Coco Maggio, IOA, Misias pero viajeras, Traveleras, Franda, Antonella Aservi, Giacomo Benavides, Wendy Sulca, among others.

The gamers They will also be part of Telethon 2021 through “Telethoncraft”, a championship that seeks to replicate one of the children’s rehabilitation centers in a virtual way, while the participants collaborate with the children of the Telethon. This initiative has been joined gamers like Oscar Soto, Retrotoro and Phillip Chu Joy, among others.

The Telethon takes place this November 6.  (Photo: Telethon Press)
The Telethon takes place this November 6. (Photo: Telethon Press)


The lovers of salsa and cumbia, Yahaira Plascencia, César Vega, Wilmer Cartagena, Kate Candela, Zaperoko, Mayimbe, among many more artists will meet at the Jockey Club on Saturday November 6 at the “Concert Teletón”. Tickets are on sale at Teleticket and will add to the great collection of the day this year.

“In these two years, in the midst of the pandemic, we have continued to work for children with disabilities and for the Peruvian families who most needed us. Today we call again for the unity of the entire country to guarantee the continuity of the rehabilitation of thousands of girls, boys and young people. Let us once again show that we are capable of incredible things when we come together ”, referred to Brother Gudiel, spokesman for Telethon 2021.


Telethon 2021 will be presented by 10 anchor ambassadors: Mathías Brivio, Karen Schwarz, Gisela Valcárcel, Aldo Miyashiro, Adriana Quevedo, Rosana Cueva, Jesús Alzamora, Fernando Díaz, Eddie Fleischman and Laura Huarcayo.


As usual, there are multiple ways to continue collaborating with the Telethon children.

– Through the BCP (agencies and agents nationwide and from mobile banking),

– From Yape (through the QR code in the app or by donating to the number 989 361 677).

– In the collection boxes of the Plaza Vea, Promart, Inkafarma, Tambo and Aruma stores throughout the country.

– Through any credit and / or debit card from Peru and abroad from the web


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