Pedro Castillo defends the second agrarian reform: “‘pituquitos’ don’t know how to till the land”

Pedro Castillo traveled to Apurimac this afternoon. Source: Presidency.

From Apurimac, President Pedro Castillo spoke to acknowledge the support of the Peruvian population on the second agrarian reform that has been developing in the interior of the country.

In the middle of his speech, the president criticized that some sectors try to destabilize the efforts of his government and that they blame him for the rise in the basic family basket.

“That endorsement cannot be betrayed. When on some occasion some pituquitos heard about the second agrarian reform and said ‘and when the first has been done’. If they don’t know how to choose a tool, if they don’t know how to till the land. We Campechanos, the farmers if we know “, he stated.

“This increase in the cost of fertilizers and fertilizers also makes us believe that it has risen because a peasant has come to govern. Every time we go to town, they come out to say that because of that man (President Pedro Castillo), the gas has risen, the gas has risen and the chicken has risen “he continued.

Hours before, Pedro Castillo led the first presidential meeting with organizations of people with disabilities in the Government Palace.

He affirmed that the Government works in a coordinated manner with regional governors to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and that of their families.

In addition, in his speech he argued that it is time to put aside the tributes and take action, in order to achieve dignified treatment for this vulnerable population.

“We are assuming this commitment not as a government but as people, because people have to be treated as equals and with dignity”, express.

He indicated that the Executive’s efforts to reduce inequality gaps aim to benefit both people with disabilities and their families, since they are directly involved with the different disability scenarios.

“I would like to greet and express my appreciation to the families of each one of you and tell them that you have a big heart. Thank you for the attention you give to our brothers with disabilities “He said when addressing the dozens of vulnerable citizens who accompanied him in the Patio de Honor.

He also said that the Government will work to generate more work spaces for this group of the population, so that they can develop their skills and, with that, achieve a life similar to that of other compatriots.

“You have all the ability and possibility to assume a responsibility as equal as any other person”, emphasized.

He added that he will coordinate with the ministries and other government institutions to improve access to state services. “If we have to correct the Conadis, we will correct it”, I note.

In this context, he called on the Congress of the Republic to set a joint agenda in favor of people with disabilities. “We must assume this responsibility for the benefit of these colleagues”, he remarked.

At another time, he asserted that from the first day he took office, the Government has been working to preserve the health of all Peruvians through vaccination.

“We do not want the pandemic to take more colleagues and that is why we accelerate the vaccination process. If any of you are not vaccinated, we will talk with the Minister of Health to close that gap “, he expressed.


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