The family of the best-selling electric car in Europe is enlarged

Seen the success obtained by ID.3, which remained the best-selling electric car of the year in Europe as of September, the time has come to give continuity to the family with the surname ID at Volkswagen. The ID.5 arrives to complete the spectrum of offers that they had already covered with ID.3 and ID.4, within the “Way to ZERO” of the German house.

They call it E-SUV coupe, but not by having two doors, but by the line that shows a lower profile back, like sports cars. In reality, what is sought with this concept is to be more aerodynamically efficient, which results in better autonomy, which is ultimately what electric cars need to improve consumption that the friction with the floor and with the air they generate. This effectiveness is supported by the spoiler integrated in the tailgate wide opening and aerodynamic shape. The electric cooling air vents at the front of the vehicle open only when necessary, to ensure a optimal air flow.

Besides of ID.5, is the version ID.5 GTX with all-wheel drive and double electric motor. Both are built on the modular platform of Volkswagen’s electric drive (MEB).

The range access version ID.5 will feature a 174 hp and 310 Nm rear engine of torque. With version ID.5 GTX, the second engine is added, on the front axle, which allows to reach the 299 CV. The first, with an announced autonomy of 520 km and the second, with more consumption per power, will be able to reach 490 km with a single electrical charge.

One of the innovations that can be found in this new line is the software 3.0, thanks to which you can receive wireless updates known as “over-the-air”, and the activation of additional functions, so that the ID.5 can be kept up-to-date for a long time. And as a differential complement, the ID.5 has assistance systems such as Travel Assist, for an even more relaxed and predictive driving experience, and the Park Assist Plus, optional, with memory function, it will take care of personalized parking processes learned from recording the driver whenever he wishes, which will be stored to be used in future parking lots.

Although the dimensions with the ID.4 are very similar, There are several characteristics that distinguish the new VW model. These are a eye-catching bumper design, painted door panels and of course the new roofline. Despite its coupe-like shape, the ID.5 has just 12mm less headroom at the rear Compared to the Volkswagen ID.4.

Inside, it has the driver’s display and high-resolution multimedia system which emits surprisingly bright images. And again the star of the ID is present with an augmented reality head-up display, which is optional, and which projects valuable additional information into the driver’s field of vision.

The information is key in this new concept car from Volkswagen. With the Car2X communication, seeks to take security to a whole new level. The data of the Compatible vehicles from the Volkswagen fleet and road infrastructure signs within a radius of 800 meters They can be received in a fraction of a second, alerting the driver to dangerous areas, accidents and traffic. The ID light in cockpit helps by providing visual warnings.


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