Green electricity for households: Stadtwerke Münster is changing its electricity tariffs

By 2030, all of the household’s electricity needs are to be met from their own renewable energy systems

“The departure from fossil electricity is an important step on our way to becoming a pure green electricity provider for private customers and Münster’s goal of becoming climate-neutral,” emphasizes Stadtwerke Managing Director Sebastian Jurczyk.

The aim of Stadtwerke Münster is to be able to cover the electricity needs of households in Münster by 2030 from its own wind and solar energy systems and to increase electricity generation to 380 GWh. To this end, the company is increasingly investing in new photovoltaic systems and wind energy projects.

Until sufficient capacities are created, the municipal utilities buy the green electricity on the market. Guarantees of origin are intended to ensure that the electricity was primarily generated from wind, photovoltaic and hydropower plants in Europe. The evidence makes it transparent to see which plant produced the green electricity where. (hoe)

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