Gabriel Milito, explosive after the elimination of Argentines by the Argentine Cup: “The empire wanted Boca in the final”

It was a hot night at the party that Boca Juniors beat Argentinos Juniors 1-0 for the first semifinal of the Argentine Cup, which was played in the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium of Mendoza. There was a controversy with the goal annulled to the Bug of La Paternal that generated the anger of his coach, Gabriel Milito. After the meeting, the former defender fired thick ammunition on the refereeing, the management of powerful clubs, in particular due to the previous statements of the vice president Xeneize, Juan roman riquelme.

“The reaction was very angry because the first impression we have is that the goal was valid, because before Ávalos converts there is a previous touch that the line may not be able to see, but the referee can because he is close to the play. We listened to it and the goal was legitimate. Reniero confirmed that he brushed the ball before Avalos hit him. Then we could check it. We knew that in order to pass we had to play very well and take care of ourselves because we know that this is the case, we know what football is like, “he said in a long interview with TyC Sports.

“I told the fourth official before the disallowed goal something that I cannot repeat. But hey, that’s it, we lost and I can’t do anything about this. I would like the football that I grew up with and that gave me so much to begin to change. That no more is acted for advantage“, he claimed.

Then he raised his anger with Riquelme’s previous statements, without naming his former teammate in the Argentine team: “We had opportunities to put ourselves ahead, but the details also end up leaving us out or efficiency. And then everything that surrounds the Boca world, already in the previous one saying that we had played a day in advance and all those kinds of questions that Instead of magnifying Argentine football, they do it worse and worse because if an institution like Boca comes out to complain, what is left for others. We in this championship took us three penalties in a row and we did not come out to complain. We want to play football in the best way.

“Today’s game was important, but we knew that these small details were going to play against us. I don’t want it to sound like excuses, but I’m already tired of hearing that something happens with large teams that go out to complain when the majority are benefited. This happens in Argentine soccer and in world soccer; I was lucky to play for Zaragoza, Barcelona, I know how powers determine arbitrations and that is a reality for me”He added.

In addition, he pointed to the power that Boca Juniors has: “Many times the games start to be played earlier. I did not like Boca’s claims because we had played a game a day in advance. In these details the balance tips for the most powerful. It bothers me when powerful teams come out to complain. Boca is an empire and today we had to play against that empire because everyone wanted Boca in the final, you (journalism), the people, but we had the intention to pass”.

Later he referred to Riquelme again, but this time already naming him. “I have known Roman for many years and I had the chance to play with him. I was annoyed by what he said, when I talk about the claims of the powerful teams I mean that. A club as big as Boca does not need to come out to speak. Román said that the president of Argentinos Juniors moves very well in AFA ”, he maintained at the change of day of the last match of the animal, which was forced to do so by the tribute paid to Diego Maradona last Saturday, the original day for the Argentinos-Lanús meeting.

“I have my ideas about the game and what is behind the game and I understand it perfectly. Boca and River generate what they generate and based on that they have a strength that the rest of the teams do not have. This is so and it is historical”, He stressed.

“I want a better football and we do that together, from giving a news item, de-dramatizing a series of circumstances, but hey, the more blood there is, the more rating there is and while. I want another path for Argentine football, from what happens around the Argentine team… Success is tremendous, “he said.

“In Estudiantes de La Plata, a journalist got angry because I didn’t want to give him the equipment and began to criticize me. For example, in the next game we were playing with Nueva Chicago and I talked to him and asked him how many points does Chicago have? Who is your scorer? I did not know anything. You have to talk about football and you have to be very careful with what you say, “he recalled about his time at the Click.

Later he continued to criticize the treatment of the information and indicated that “there was a journalist who came out at midnight who was a pro footballer, I saw him as a boy, and then he started with a program where he had to make controversies, he criticized the players and there was footballers who sat with him ”.


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