Day laborers, students and athletes: the victims of the latest coup of violence in the municipality of Tangamandapio, Michoacán

Now they are just dead. Before they were day laborers, students and athletes from the municipality of Tangamandapio. And above all they were Michoacan, inhabitants traversed by a history of violence from the organized crime. Eleven people from this region have been found dead on Tuesday in the Tenure of Tarecuato. Their names were Rodrigo, Juan Fernando, Carlos Rodriguez, Víctor Salvador and Juan Carlos. The others were reserved for being minors.

In full celebration of Day of the Dead, the day laborers were killed after entering a territory in dispute between the United cartels and Jalisco New Generation. The group was heading to the Los Lavaderos estate in search of honeycombs when they were intercepted by members of organized crime. Alerted by the delay, the authorities went out in search of him and found the eleven people on the ground and with the coup de grace. According to the versions of the authority itself, the area is a red light due to its proximity to the state of Jalisco (west of Mexico).

In the Tarecuato Estate, 11 lifeless bodies were found.  As reported by the governor of the entity, they were unrelated to organized crime
In the Tarecuato Estate, 11 lifeless bodies were found. As reported by the governor of the entity, they were unrelated to organized crime

According to the testimonies of the relatives, the deceased were looking for honeycombs with bees to place them in the offering of the Dead. A tradition of more than 500 years of that indigenous community.

In an interview with the portal Political Animal, the father of one of the victims, aged 17, assured that “his son was studying at the Colegio de Bachilleres and his dream was to graduate as an agronomist. His only vice was playing basketball. He had no problems with anyone and he was a hard worker, because during the pandemic, he helped me sell potatoes ”.

What happens in Michoacán is considered a genocide for many, since they not only attack members of organized crime. Now they go for civil society, anyone.

The victims were day laborers, students and parents
The victims were day laborers, students and parents

Currently, the government of Alfredo Ramirez Bedolla, of Morena has superseded that of Silvano Aureoles regarding the number of homicides. According to the daily Security Report of the Executive Secretariat of the National Security System, from last October 1 – Bedolla’s arrival to power in Michoacán – until November 1, Michoacán (in western Mexico) has reached the number of 254 murders. In September, the last month of the Aureoles administration, the number of crimes of this crime was 183.

Drug violence has no brake on Michoacan, where for two years the crossfire between the United cartels and Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) hits seven municipalities that make up the region of Hot land.

State authorities assure that the episodes of violence are part of the macabre strategy known as “heating the square.” According to the Ministry of Public Security of Michoacán, a command of the criminal group Cárteles Unidos – a conglomerate of criminal cells from Michoacán such as Los Viagras, the Knights Templar, Los Blancos de Troya and the Botos – was deployed in the Buenavista municipality, where the CJNG maintains its bases of operations.

The group of United cartels it is nothing more than an amalgamation of cells from various cartels to confront the advance of the CJNG troops. Various investigations conclude that this criminal cell has been financed and supported by the Sinaloa Cartel from Ismael May Zambada. This would explain why Michoacan criminals have resisted the onslaught of the most powerful cartel in Mexico.


FGE identified six minors among those killed in Tangamandapio, Michoacán

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