Camila Cabello went viral on TikTok with a song by Jenni Rivera

The singer has Mexican roots, as her father is from that country (Reuters Photo / Caitlin Ochs) (CAITLIN OCHS /)

Camila Cabello made his love for Mexico visible again, now raising it a TikTok with a song by “La Diva de la Banda”, Jenni Rivera. The singer of Cuban-American origin took advantage of the dialogue that the musical piece has Mother’s lie to create a hilarious situation.

The video in question shows Camila Cabello in a look pretty straightforward made up of a white blouse and her hair down. Jenni Rivera’s song has been present since the beginning of TikTok, but it was not until a few seconds later that the young singer made lip sync, that is, he emulated with his lips that he is singing.

The comic meaning of Camila’s video was understood thanks to the accompanying text. The interpreter wrote: “When you make a great joke and your friends don’t laugh”. It should be noted that the TikTok description is written in Spanish and not in English as in its other videos.

In response to the fictional situation posed by the singer of Havana He chose the following fragment of Jenni Rivera’s song: “This is a verse for your grandmother and those who carry your blood, holding hands, chingu * n all to their mother”.

In less than 24 hours of its publication, Camila Cabello’s update on TikTok exceeded one million likes and the 11 thousand comments on said platform.

The singer of Miss, My Oh My and Liar is quite a celebrity in the social network of short videos. At present it adds 14 million followers and 120 million “likes” through its multiple audiovisuals.

Shawn Mendes has also added to Camila’s affection for Mexico (Photos: @shawnmendes / Instagram)

Transcended the love that Camila Cabello has for Mexico in his latest social media posts. On TikTok, for example, prior to the viral short with Jenni Rivera’s song, he shared a makeup he did to celebrate the Day of the Dead during his visit to Oaxaca.

In the video dance Oh Na Na, authored with Mike Towers and urban genre producer Tainy, while showing off his impersonation. In the description, the singer accepted that it was not her best attempt, even admitting that her catrina makeup was “lazy.”

The Cuban-born star has embraced “Day of the Dead” as one of his favorite celebrations. He even infected that spirit Shawn Mendes, with whom he has been in a relationship since 2019. The couple traveled to Oaxaca to spend these important dates for Mexican culture.

Foto: Twitter: @workingforcc)
Some fans of Camila Cabello were the lucky ones to take a photo during their visit to Oaxaca (Photo: Twitter / @ workingforcc)

Within the framework of Day of the Dead, Camilla Cabello wore a dress with colorful flower embroidery, while Mendes dressed up in a traditional mariachi outfit. The couple celebrated at a party where they not only dressed according to the occasion, but also showed the decoration with the classic confetti.

On her Instagram account, the interpreter of Oh Na Na He shared the tender moment where he began to dance to the rhythm of the son jarocho. Mendes and Cabello were catrín and catrina, respectively.

The lovers were also seen vacationing in Oaxaca at the end of last month. The singer published her favorite postcards of the trip where she posed with a monumental catrina and the gastronomic places she visited during her stay in Mexico.

Cabello was the most recent actress to give life to Cinderella (Photo: EFE / EPA / Caroline Brehman)
Cabello was the most recent actress to give life to Cinderella (Photo: EFE / EPA / Caroline Brehman) (EFEI0658 /)

The photographs were accompanied by a description that melted the hearts of Mexican fans: “I love you, Oaxaca. I love you, Mexico “. The publication has already rebounded 1 million with 300 thousand likes.

Camilia Cabello’s love for Mexico came from her home. Although the singer was born in Cuba and later raised in the United States, her father, Alejandro Cabello, is Mexican by birth. For this reason, the also actress has not been slow to show her affection to the country.


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