400 migrants rescued from distress on the English Channel

Status: 04.11.2021 11:23 a.m.

A man was killed in the sinking of several overcrowded refugee boats on the English Channel. The French authorities said that more than 400 migrants were rescued from distress at sea.

In the English Channel between France and Great Britain, more than 400 migrants have been rescued from distress since Tuesday evening. This was announced by the French authorities in Calais. A person who was already unconscious was finally pronounced dead on land.

The migrants had tried to cross the English Channel by boat to get to Britain. Ships from the French Navy, the coast guard, customs and two helicopters were involved in the relief operations. According to the prefecture, the dead man is around 30 years old. The public prosecutor’s office is investigating negligent homicide. Several boats overturned because they were too overloaded, it said.

Unsuitable boats and high tug prices

The migrants often use unseaworthy boats and pay tugs high prices for the passage to England. Many want to go there because they speak the language and already have friends or relatives in England.

Almost 16,000 people had been rescued in the English Channel between the beginning of the year and the end of August alone – significantly more than in previous years. A similar number made the crossing to Great Britain.

Controls on coasts increased

The British government, which introduced a new, rigid immigration system after Brexit, wants to prevent illegal immigration. London and Paris recently agreed to step up controls on the coasts.


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