Why Florian Thauvin was not the “bomb” signing of Tigres for Grita México 2021

French soccer player Florian Thauvin dons a Tigres de la UANL shirt during his presentation as a new team player at the Universitario stadium in Monterrey (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)

One day before the end of the tournament Scream Mexico Opening 2021, The team of Tigers has in doubt Florian Thauvin, so you may not have minutes on Matchday 17 of the MX League and end their participation in the regular phase of the tournament. One of his most important reinforcements of the season was the Frenchman Thauvin, from Olympique de Marseille. The French player was expected to perform similarly to his compatriot Andre Pierre Gignac, However, it was not.

Due to an injury, Thauvin has not been able to train alongside his teammates, so it could be a baja for the game against Braves of Juarez, the last game of Tigres to dispute the direct pass to the league. Previously Miguel Louse Herrera He spoke at a press conference about the footballer’s evolution and pointed out that forcing him to return would delay the rest of the team.

“It seems that the sensation had passed, but it is a day, to consider it for Saturday no, without having put a physical test on it, it is risking it a lot and it would delay its return a lot,” shared the Louse Herrera last Friday.

The irregularity of Thauvin throughout the Grita México 2021 and his lack of annotations has put in doubt the quality of the “bomb” signing (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)
The irregularity of Thauvin throughout the Grita México 2021 and his lack of annotations has put in doubt the quality of the “bomb” signing (Photo: EFE / Miguel Sierra)

The Thauvin’s irregularity along the Scream Mexico 2021 and his lack of annotations has questioned the quality of the “bomb” signing with which he arrived at the club, as the world champion in Russia 2018 was not expected to have as little participation in Tigres as he reflects today. The different injuries and absences in the starting team of Miguel Herrera showed a low performance.

To date it only adds seven games played, in which only in four games started as a starter and the rest came in as change; just adds up 354 minutes of game with the regiomontanos of the 1,440 available so far in the tournament, so until his last game he has a percentage of minutes played of 24.58% in Liga MX.

The lack of goals has put him on a record below Gignac, as with just one touchdown so far in the tournament, he failed to get close to Gignac’s mark during his first season with Tigres. When The Bomboro He reached Liga MX in the 2015 – 2016 season and managed to register 33 goals. The only annotation of Florian Thauvin happened on matchday 5, two after his debut, so he remedied the bad taste in his mouths that he left after being expelled.

  Florian Thauvin's only score occurred on matchday 5 (Photo: Twitter / @ JoshimarMM)
Florian Thauvin’s only score occurred on matchday 5 (Photo: Twitter / @ JoshimarMM)

When the French midfielder made his debut in Mexican football, he committed an infraction that caused his expulsion shortly after having stepped on the court. At that time the Louse Herrera defended him, arguing that he was new and barely fitting into the league.

But as time passed and Herrera did not give him minutes on the court, Thauvin commented at a press conference that “He did not come to Tigres to be a bank” and asked to be given more minutes on the court. But in consideration of Miguel Herrera, ownership had to be won by each of the club’s players.

On June 12, Thauvin was officially presented at the UANL Olympic Stadium. Since then, cat fans have paid vital attention to the French. But because of his participation in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with the French National Team, its premiere with the UANL Tigers It was until Matchday 3 from Grita México who wore the feline shirt, but his expulsion stained his premiere.


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