Traffic chaos in downtown Buenos Aires: social organizations march towards the Ministry of Social Development

Traffic chaos in downtown Buenos Aires: social organizations march towards the Ministry of Social Development (File: Franco Fafasuli)

Once again, traffic and free circulation are affected in the center of the City of Buenos Aires. It happens that social groups march towards the Ministry of Social Development with the claim to be received in the portfolio led by Juan Zabaleta. A major police operation guards the circulation of the columns only days after picketers forcibly entered the building, causing destruction and material damage.

“We made an agreement with the Ministry of Development for a delivery of merchandise, because they visit our dining rooms and picnic areas. The agreement is that they were going to increase us a 35 percent. Yesterday they told us that we have to think about the macroeconomy. We do not receive money, we receive merchandise ”, commented Eva Gutiérrez, a reference of the Polo Obrero Tendencia, which together with Popular Resistance, among other groups, marched this afternoon.

They tell us they want to give us 15%That means they have reduced us. They say they are going to cut welfare. In that sense we are opposed, so we want to get to the Ministry to continue the discussion, but we find a fence from the Police, who by order of the Ministry say that we cannot get to the door. We do not come to intimidate anyone, we come to ask that they receive us and let us pass, ”he insisted. Gutierrez in statements to the channel A24.

The columns of the Polo Obrero and the Popular Resistance concentrated in the area of ​​the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Constitución in the early hours of the afternoon and then they mobilized towards the Ministry building. Not being able to access the Ministry due to the police operation, the columns cut traffic on Avenida San Juan and Bernardo de Irigoyen for a few minutes. They are also part of the activity MTR 12 de Abril, MTR Votamos Luchar, Agrupación 17 de Noviembre, MBT, Barrios de Pie Libres del Sur. At around 4.15pm, the police allowed the protesters to move towards the Ministry of Social Development.

Last Thursday, picketers related to the historic MTR forcibly entered the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation and they carried out incidents in the framework of the protest that was carried out since the morning in front of the portfolioby various social organizations, on 9 de Julio avenue, in the heart of Buenos Aires. Due to the facts, the Police of the City of Buenos Aires detained three protesters.

“It was a desperate attitude. Is that what they want to lead us to? What do they want us to confront with the police who are here? Why don’t they let us pass? We are not in a state of siege, “said the representative of the Polo Obrero Tendencia regarding that situation and the current one.

Police sources reported that the arrests occurred after Between 20 and 50 protesters will manage, some armed with sticks, to overcome the entrance gate to the building that is on 300 Lima Street and they will cross the barrier of Federal police officers who guard the ministry: inside, they broke everything in their path and painted.

“The three detainees are all of legal age and are accused of attack, resistance to authority and injuries: there are three police officers injured, one is a woman, and several ministry employees were beaten”, detailed that day the sources consulted by Infobae. The groups involved were related to those that in August of this year caused incidents and tried to take over the municipality of Lomas de Zamora.

Detainees Ministry of Social Development
The incidents in the Ministry of Social Development registered last Thursday

Last Friday, left-wing social organizations once again held a demonstration that began at noon and that initially affected the Obelisk area. The Territorial Movement of Rebel Liberation (MTL), the November 17 Movement, the Teresa Rodríguez Movement and the National Piquetero Bloc, were some of the groups that were observed in the place.

At first, the protesters concentrated on the Obelisk and then the columns of people they mobilized sense Retiro. The deployment of the protesters prevented the free movement of vehicles on Avenida 9 de Julio and it also affected the Metrobus service.

Upon arriving at Plaza San Martín, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Retiro, they demonstrated in front of the offices of a food-producing company. After the claims made in the Ministry of Social Development, they repeated requests in this downtown area on Friday afternoon.


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