Traffic accident in Guacarí, Valle del Cauca, left two dead and five injured

In the image the traffic accident on the Guacarí – Guabas road, in Valle del Cauca. Photo: Private archive

On the afternoon of this Monday, November 1, a collision between a collective-type van and a motorcycle on the via Guacarí – Guabas, in Valle del Cauca, left two people dead and five more injured, this is how Blu Radio knew him.

According to the versions collected by the same media, the tragedy occurred after the driver of the private service vehicle lost control of the vehicle and hit the two occupants of the motorcycle.

“Please help them, don’t let them die, call the ambulance”, some witnesses of the events begged, as reported by the regional media Tu Barco.

According to Blu Radio, the crash was so strong that the driver of the motorcycle lost his life immediatelyWhile the woman who accompanied him, despite surviving the impact and could be transferred to a care center, died there as a result of the severity of her injuries.

In the crash too five other people were injuredTherefore, they also had to be taken to a hospital in order to receive medical attention.

At the moment, according to Tu Barco, the authorities are already carrying out the respective investigations in order to establish the causes of the road accident. Likewise, they called on the community to exercise caution when moving along the roads of the country.

Twelve minors were injured in Cali, after two buses collided with each other

The accident on the Guacarí – Guabas road is not the first to occur in Valle del Cauca in recent weeks. On October 15, on the Suroriental Highway with Carrera 55, south of Cali, an inter-municipal transport bus collided with a school vehicle, which ended up overturned on the road.

In the events, which occurred between 7:30 in the morning and 8:00 in the morning, all 15 people traveling on the school route were injured, 12 of whom were minors. After the vehicular accident, all those affected were transferred to a medical center, in order to be treated.

On September 1, in the center of Cali, a tragic traffic accident was also reported around 3:20 in the afternoon, after a citizen was run over by a dump truck when crossing the street through a non-pedestrian zone.

According to witnesses, the events occurred on the Suroriental Highway with Carrera 55, south of Cali, in the capital of Valle del Cauca, and the victim would be a 28-year-old young man, who died immediately. The impact of the vehicle was so great that those who witnessed the accident pointed out that the man’s body was under the wheels of the cargo vehicle.

Members of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office arrived at the site, who were in charge of lifting the body and taking it to Legal Medicine.

Faced with traffic accidents in Colombia, on September 20, the director of the National Road Safety Agency, Luis Lota, revealed in dialogue with RCN Radio that the three main causes of deaths on the country’s roads are speeding, not following traffic signs and driving while intoxicated.

The road accident rate this year has returned to the same as in 2019, and unfortunately driving under the influence of alcohol is still one of the main causes of death “, Lota pointed out to the same station.

Given the increase in road accidents in the country, the director of the National Road Safety Agency called on citizens to respect the signs and, if they are a driver and have ingested alcohol, Lota reminded Colombians that they should handing over the keys and not driving while intoxicated in order to prevent any type of accident.


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