“To the friend everything, to the enemy or justice”

Professor Radetich. The militant teacher who mistreated her students in class.

What if Perón’s fierce bravado has a high school boy as an enemy? We have reached this madness.

The violent history teacher from La Matanza who humiliated and mistreated a student for thinking differently had no penalties, she always received her salary and could return to the same school where Jeremías denounced her.

Fabián Debesa affirms in the Clarín newspaper that “a laborious interweaving of institutional and political coverage protected her from possible sanctions” and “prevented the agent from being suspended, dismissed or exonerated from her role.”

“It’s her or me. If he goes back to school, I’ll go “, anticipated Jeremías, 15 years old who defended his ideas against the hostility of teacher Laura Radetich at the Technical High School No. 2 in La Matanza.

Protecting the violent teacher is to abandon the student, validate the violence, re-victimize the victim, humiliate him again, and more, give him a psychopathic punishment for expressing himself, leave intolerance consolidated, and consecrate indoctrination.

Days after that episode that occurred two months ago, other boys from the school joined forces to defend those who could experience the same with other teachers due to similar situations. Something had changed. There were guys determined to be respected.

But at the same time, the unacceptable condition appears whereby far from promoting a democratic culture in the school, stalking and ideological persecution are installed as a study environment, critical thinking is discouraged and impunity reigns with the consequent perverse effect of injustice. The helpless boy is left more helpless with his empowered victimizer. The wolf is among the lambs. The predator of expression has a renewed license to silence, to oppress, to domesticate.

For now, the teacher Radetich -because she is still a teacher and charging as a teacher- has sick leave and will return when the doctor considers that she is recovered. She. She is the victim.

When the event generated commotion and social repudiation, it was unthinkable that the president himself came out to defend a violent woman calling the incident an invitation to discuss and a way to “open the head.” Strange perception of pedagogy by someone who is also a teacher. The ideological apparatus entrenched at the top of the hierarchy of power with its factional praxis showed the head of state as the guarantor of intimidation and arranging for abuse. That is to say, reiterating the abuse and aggravating it because there is clearly the difference in rank that imposes disadvantageous conditions in a discussion in which the abused student depends on the teacher to receive their grades. What to say if the president also punishes the boy.

The reality is that the violent teacher from La Matanza is no exception. The Government exercises ideological violence from the top of power.

The ideological delusion can put public health at risk, as when North American vaccines were stopped to favor Chinese and Russian vaccines regardless of the fact that lives were at stake.

Society looks dumbfounded at how ideology has blocked any trait of piety. Common people are hunted by criminals, in the south the terrorist action has the complicity of the government, and nobody admonishes the anti-democratic admonitions of characters like Emilio Persico. Just to give some examples.

The most perverse point of ideological stubbornness is that it is not moved by the tragedy. He even prefers to deepen it. Choose an ideal over people. As in the case of La Matanza where it was chosen to cancel a boy and his rights to defend an abuser.

To the enemy or justice. Will they realize that they are making enemies of the people?

* Editorial by Cristina Pérez in “Confessions at night” (Radio Miter)


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