Thus arose the remembered meme of Octavio Ocaña in “Neighbors”

The Mexican actor died in strange circumstances.

Octavio Ocaña rose to fame after playing “Benito Rivers” in the series Neighbors from Televisa, in multiple chapters he appeared with some very striking clothes, such as the “Chilindrina” or “Capulina”, but his most remembered character in social networks was when he played a street boy who wanted to learn to beg, tohi issued an iconic phrase that will remain for posterity.

It all happened in chapter 18 of Neighbors, where the characters were doing an activity with costumes. “Jorjais” (Manuel ‘Flaco’ Ibáñez) suggests to “Benito” that he disguise himself as a mendicant so that he can ask people for money. The mythical scene occurred in the first season of the series of Televisa.

At that moment, a woman with blond hair approaches, who is about to give her a coin, and that is when she says the popular phrase: “Of course, the rich think that with a small coin they can buy the poor”, He says in his famous dialogue within the series.

After the woman decides to give him something else, the boy responds with charisma: “Sure, after humiliating me with a coin, he thinks he can buy me with a check”Concluded“ Benito ”.

The first sentence was adopted by Internet users with a slight change, to be able to add it to different contexts: “Sure, the rich always humiliating the poor”, Can be found in various images on social networks.

Meme Rico poor Octavio Ocaña Neighbors
Scene from the meme “Sure, the rich always humiliating the poor.” (Photo: Comedy District)

It should be remembered how Octavio Ocaña won the famous role thanks to having a great connection with the actor César Bono who was his father within Neighbors.

The actor who gave life to the character of “Frankie Rivers”, César Bono reported that, when the first filming of NeighborsHe was very moved to meet Octavio Ocaña, who was just a child, since he had recently lost a friend and acting partner, Octavio Galindo.

The actors met for the first time when César was on his way to the Desert of the Lions, where most of the companions of cast They had already met previously except for Octavio Ocaña.

“Since that day, which was the first time I saw him, I was very moved by the chance that his name was the same as my friend who I had just lost“Said the first actor César Bono in an interview for the The stars to give a preview to a new season of Neighbors.

It is important to remember that yesterday the last farewell to the Mexican actor was given, Octavio was veiled since Saturday at a funeral home located in the State of Mexico. The relatives of Octavio Ocaña and his fiancee, Nerea Godínez, traveled by road to Tabasco to say goodbye to the actor, who lost his life due to a bullet impact.

Nerea Godínez shared a farewell message for Octavio Ocuña photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo
Nerea Godínez shared a farewell message for Octavio Ocaña photo: Instagram/@nerea.gogo

His partner, after his funeral, shared a photograph on his personal Instagram account with a message of gratitude and strength: “See you soon my love, we are going to look forward to all this for you and for you …”Always yes, always you, always us ”I love you Octavio”, The young woman wrote in addition to adding a hashtag asking for justice.

It should be remembered that on the afternoon of October 29, the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, who rose to fame for playing Benito Rivers in the comic series Neighbors, shook Mexican society. The interpreter died at the age of 22 and was found aboard a truck in the State of Mexico, seriously injured, after a police chase.

According to a report from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM), as a result of the impact of the truck in which he was, accidentally Octavio shot himself the firearm that he had in his right hand, the bullet hit him in the head and due to this injury he lost his life when he was transferred to the hospital to receive medical attention.


The day that César Bono met Octavio Ocaña and decided that he would become “Benito Rivers

They released the two companions of Octavio Ocaña; there is no crime to be charged

This was the funeral of Octavio Ocaña, Benito Rivers from “Necinos” in Villahermosa, Tabasco

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