Three characteristics of intelligence that you can recognize even without an IQ test

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From: Andrea Stettner

It doesn’t necessarily take an IQ test to tell if a person is really intelligent. Psychologists have identified characteristics that make smart people stand out.

Intelligence has many advantages. So becomes a high intelligence quotient (IQ) often associated with professional success and good university degrees. But it is precisely the people who brag the most about their intelligence that are often not at all. Instead, according to psychologists, intelligence manifests itself through other signs.

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Intelligent people should be recognized by certain characteristics. © Westend61 / imago

Three signs of high IQ in people

IQ tests have always been a popular means of measuring intelligence in certain areas. Standardized tasks are intended to measure a person’s intellectual performance. Most people have an IQ between 85 and 115 points, the average is 100. If you have an IQ of 130 or more, you are even considered highly gifted in Germany.

However, whether a person is really intelligent cannot be found out just with an IQ test. In psychological studies, scientists have been able to identify certain characteristics and abilities that many intelligent people have in common. We present some of them here:

  1. Smart people are adaptable: Psychologists largely agree that adaptability is a sign of intelligence. This means that intelligent people change themselves in order to cope with their environment, or otherwise change or reinvent things.
  2. You are open-minded: People who are open to other views and who can throw their own beliefs overboard after careful consideration tend to do better than others on IQ tests. This is what psychologists from the American University of Pensilvania report. According to the experts, however, it is unclear whether open-mindedness ensures more intelligence or vice versa.
  3. They laugh at black humor: Would you have guessed? Jokes that take death or illness lightly, according to a study by the Medical University of Vienna, create laughter, especially among people who have a high verbal and non-verbal IQ. According to the research team, it takes a certain amount of intelligence, a good mood and calm to recognize and enjoy the “playful fiction” of black humor, reports Reaserch Digest. This also fits in with previous research showing that humor correlates with IQ.

By the way, five more curious signs are supposed to testify to true intelligence – from the order of birth to learning a musical instrument.

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