The surprise that Frank Martinez gave at the final gala of MasterChef Colombia

Frank Martínez (MasterChef /)

Comedian Frank Martínez once again surprised the judges and viewers of MasterChef Celebrity Colombia, not only because of the culinary evolution he had, but also because of his courage and romanticism. During the final gala of the reality show, broadcast on November 1, Frank proposed to Lorena, his girlfriend with whom he has been in a long-distance relationship. The entire scene could be seen by the audience that was moved by the act.

Everything indicates that Frank had thought about the moment for a while and left nothing to chance. The comedian made the proposal just at the moment in which he presented his dessert to the judges, as this last dish was inspired by the likes of Lorena. He prepared a Miguelito ice cream, coffee siphon cake, paisa cheese, vanilla crumble, soaked pineapple and Worcestershire sauce.

As he explained his plate to the judges, Frank produced a sign that read “Shall we play?” and launched the proposal. However, for chef Jorge Rausch this was not formal enough, so Frank ended up repeating the question, but this time kneeling in front of the camera on the set of MasterChef.

“Lore, from the heart you know that I love you very much, that I already told you that I love you, that I have not released that word for a long time. I really want to ask you to share life, to continue laughing, to play like children, to move on from pu / &% … and you know that this little word is key for us, let’s play. Will you marry me? ”Said Frank.

It should be mentioned that this chapter was prerecorded, but during its broadcast Lorena was with Frank, so she could see the proposal. The happiness was greater since the woman said yes to the comedian.

And… Lorena said yes! I’m marrying you “, reported Frank on his social networks and attached a photo of his fiancée’s hand with the ring.


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