The strong discussion between Yanina Latorre and China Suárez over the scandal with Wanda: “You are going to respect me”

It all happened on Monday afternoon. Yanina Latorre He was in the parking lot of his house in Capital Federal when he received a phone call. On the other side of the line was Eugenia China Suarez, who in these days was involved in the scandalous crisis of Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi after having exchanged messages and calls with the footballer, material that the businesswoman discovered and made public.

The reason for the call, as revealed by the panelist of The angels of the morningIt was to clarify that her new partner, the Spanish businessman Armando Mena Navareño, is not dating another woman. “That she would not steal husbands”, clarified the wife of Diego Latorre and described the actress as “Arrogant, unfriendly, dry and abusive”.

Immediately, he reproduced the loud discussion he had with China at the top of his voice. And he was explaining the context of each of his words. “Cheeky brat, I’m 50 years old. You shut your mouth, you are going to respect me “he told her in a stretch of the fight.

China Suárez: —What an obsession you have with me.

Yanina Latorre: –None, queen. I work checking data because I am not a liar.

China Suarez: –I’m rotten that they do entire shows talking about me.

Yanina Latorre: –Sorry? We do entire programs talking about Wanda, who is the famous one. You come to be the third in discord who fucks her husband.

China Suárez, Mauro Icardi and Wanda Nara

“He did not deny me, which caught my attention,” added Yanina Latorre and continued to reproduce the dialogue with the actress. “I didn’t call you to talk about Wanda. I called you to talk about my boyfriend, who doesn’t have a girlfriend, who is single “she told the panelist, who did not remember the way she called Spanish. “He didn’t say ‘boyfriend’, he said ‘the boy’. She was screaming, ”he explained.

Yanina Latorre: –¡Bajame dos tonos!

China Suarez: –It is the second time I call you because you are always the one who gives my first fruits!

Yanina Latorre: –Because they come to me. I do not go out to look, I am not interested. Take some advice, China: how old you are is very sad, take care of yourself, protect yourself. You are an actress. They talk more about your shell than about your career. Because it is so. In all the shows we talk about your sex life. If you won an award, nobody knows anything.

China Suarez: –Now I am going to write down your advice among the important things.

Yanina Latorre: –Lower me two tones. Talk to me calmly. In which head is it possible that you are going to get hot or jerk off with Wanda Nara’s husband, that Wanda is not going to find out and that she is not going to tell the world when she finds out? You went there alone. It is not that we make programs of you. The news is Wanda.

“She kept yelling at me, so I started yelling,” said the panelist.

China Suárez: —You don’t yell at me either because my mother doesn’t yell at me.

Yanina Latorre: —Your mother was bad. Two screams should have hit you. That’s how you came out. Everywhere they are saying that you are a whore, and for me you are not a whore, you are a bad person. And it does not come back from that. You screwed up (Eugenia) Tobal, you screwed up Pampita, you are shitting the life of Wanda and a few more that I am not going to give names because they have not been separated (he clarified in the air). Gives you no shame? You didn’t go to your dad’s wake, you had a fight with Gimena Accardi because you didn’t accompany her with the Nico Vázquez brother either. Those things are bad.

China Suarez: –Don’t yell at me. Is that how you yell at your children?

Yanina Latorre: –Yes, that’s why they are so polite and they are not like you.

The chat between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi that Wanda Nara found
The chat between China Suárez and Mauro Icardi that Wanda Nara found

China Suarez: –You were in my place. I saw you cry.

Yanina Latorre: –I was not in your place. I was on the other side. I was horned. I was the victim of a woman who spent every day publishing what she had done with my husband. It was my husband’s longest fuck. What I highlight is that you do not sell (the information, or tests). You are alone, and the three or four kids that surround you are the ones that tell everything. Those who sell you. We are not private detectives.

China Suarez: –Next time you call me, because it is the second time I call you.

Yanina Latorre: –But if I call you, you are going to deny it to me as you denied it to Rial and swore by your daughter.

The reference to which the panelist made is to the mobile phone that China Suárez gave at the time after the motorhome scandal with Pampita. In this interview, the actress looked at the camera and assured that she was not in a relationship with Benjamín Vicuña. Something that later ended up whitewashing both.


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