The story behind the photograph of Queen Elizabeth II in her message at COP26

(Photo: Screenshot / Youtube The Royal Family)

“The impact of the environment on human progress was an issue close to the heart of my dear late husband,” were the words with which the queen Elizabeth II he remembered his western partner, the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

In the framework of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2021 (COP26), in Glasgow, the monarch exhorted – through a video – to follow encouraging the preservation of Planet Earth with the new generations; as he would have done, he said, Felipe with Charles (son and William (grandson).

During the speech, a Photography In the background he evoked the memory of the former duke: with his gaze at the sky and astonishment on his face, the prince can be seen appreciating the thousands of monarch butterflies that flew around him in one of the most important sanctuaries of the species, located in Michoacán, Mexico.

The photograph was shared on the Royal Family's Instagram account on April 11.  (Photo: Instagram theroyalfamily)
The photograph was shared on the Royal Family’s Instagram account on April 11. (Photo: Instagram theroyalfamily)

2021 is nearing its end; With November just started and cold weather just around the corner in the United States and Canada, the first copies of monarch butterflies they are already beginning to arrive at the great sanctuaries of Michoacan.

This November 1 (on the day of the Holy Innocents), the arrival of millions of lepidopterans to the warm and comfortable oyamele forests of the sanctuary was registered “The Bell Tower”, place that concentrates until the 40% of the specimens in Mexico.

In Mexican culture these butterflies are known to represent “The soul of the dead”, which is why they are included in the ornaments and celebrations of the Day of the Dead, and why his arrival last Monday symbolized “The welcome of the deceased children.”

However, even with the presumed importance of this animal for Mexico, the illegal logging of trees and the excessive pesticide use have collaborated to destruction of its habitat in which it reproduces, which threatens its preservation and survival.

Participants dressed as monarch butterflies during the annual Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City.  (Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf)
Participants dressed as monarch butterflies during the annual Day of the Dead parade in Mexico City. (Photo: REUTERS / Gustavo Graf)

Thus, one of the efforts for its preservation, which was highlighted by the Royal Family on their Instagram, ran by the Duke Felipe, because, they mention, the monarch would have supported the efforts of a conservation group in Mexico for the protection of the monarch butterfly in 1988, when he presided over the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

However, the reality for the and the aactivists What do they do direct front with the problems / mafias / obstacles that threaten the biodiversity of the Aztec land is different: only in 2020, They registered 30 murders of defenders of the land and the environment, an increase in 67% compared to the 2019.

Among the victims of crime, he enlists Homero Gómez González, the great defender of the monarch butterfly in Mexico, whose body was found on January 30, 2020 in one of the shrines that he had rescued of its destruction. Without a doubt, one of the major blows for the preservation of the butterfly.

And is that the love and respect that the environmentalist guarded was overtaken by criminal groups (some in collusion with municipal police) who illegally extracted resources of the oyamele forests and those who had already threatened previously.

Homero Gómez was found dead 16 days after he was reported missing.
Homero Gómez was found dead 16 days after he was reported missing.

Thus, Homer disappeared the January 13th from last year. Before the news, various crews were organized to search and open research folders. Following this statement, the family suffered an extortion attempt by false kidnappers.

Despite the fact that the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) had declared at first that the body did not show signs of beatings or torture, hours later he affirmed that Homer had suffered a head injury before To die drowned.

So far, those responsible for the unfortunate murder have not been found and, what could be even worse, the case of Homer it won’t be the last to be reported. Even with the government’s efforts, by July 2021, Mexico registered 28 murders of environmentalists and indigenous leaders, and 90 assaults perpetrated in 65 attacks different.

Organized crime, the disinterest of society for the environment and impunity have cemented this violence that attempts against the guardians who protect nature from illicit-lucrative interests: a scenario that leaves dead the support of Prince Felipe and draws with remoteness the legacy that the monarch Elizabeth II exhorted to carry out with her sublime statements at COP26.


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