The second act of social dialogue between ‘Eul’ opens

▲ Economic, Social and Labor Committee

The Youth Committee and the Temporary Workers Committee were launched, which are class-level committees of the Economic, Social and Labor Committee. It is expected that discussions will take place to protect youth from exploitative labor such as assistants and to guarantee the labor rights of workers in small businesses.

On the afternoon of the 1st, the Sergeant and Labor Committee held the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd Youth Committee and the Non-regular Workers Committee at the meeting room of the Sergeant and Labor Committee in Jung-gu, Seoul. The Youth Committee, chaired by Jin Hyung-ik, CEO of the Youth Policy Network, raises the agenda for dialogue on protection measures related to exploitative youth labor, such as apprenticeships, internships, internships, and assistants.

It also seeks ways to improve gender, academic background, and regional employment discrimination, youth debt, and local youth policies and governance. Jin Hyung-ik, chairman of the Youth Committee, said, “The contents discussed at the second youth committee will be linked with the Youth Policy Coordination Committee directly under the Prime Minister.”

The Temporary Workers’ Committee, which has not yet elected a chairperson, discusses measures to guarantee the labor rights of workers in small businesses and improve the treatment of freelance workers such as broadcasting, media, and local government lecturers. They also decided to continue discussions on measures to protect non-regular workers at privately-consigned workplaces and measures to stabilize employment and improve treatment of in-house subcontractors, which were discussed in the first committee.

Moon Hyun-gun, chairman of the National Labor Equalization Union, who is participating in irregular positions in the second period following the first, said, “The key to the success of the hierarchy is to make the discussion a reality. We will try to expand the influence of non-regular workers.”

The Women’s Committee, which has completed the 1st term, is having difficulty in forming its members, so it will take more time for the 2nd term to be launched.

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