The laboratories criticized the government’s intention to freeze the price of drugs

The laboratories criticized the government’s intention to freeze the price of drugs

After the Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Felletti, said this Tuesday that after the application of the price freeze to products of the basic basket, it should advance with the regulation of the drug market, the pharmaceutical industry came out to the crossroads and stressed: that “it is unnecessary to alter the rules of free competition through price freezing mechanisms.”

“For many years the pharmaceutical industry present in Argentina has been making great efforts to maintain the accessibility of medicines to the main funders, social works and prepaid, in many cases with coverage that reaches up to 100% of the value for patients, such as occurs in oncological and special treatments and in the Better Living program implemented by the PAMI, with a substantial contribution from the laboratories ”, stated the Argentine Chamber of Medicinal Specialties (CAEME), the Industrial Chamber of Argentine Pharmaceutical Laboratories (CILFA) and the Business Chamber of Laboratories, through a joint statement.

It is unnecessary to alter the rules of free competition, through price freezing mechanisms

The three chambers stated that “taking into account the presence of more than 350 laboratories and 229 industrial plants in the country, with 7,300 brands and more than 16,000 presentations of drugs with different active ingredients that compete in an environment where more out of 14,000 pharmacies, it is unnecessary to alter the rules of free competition, through price freezing mechanisms ”.

In that sense, they ratified their commitment to the national government, public and private health funders, the medical community and patients, “to maintain the average values ​​of medicines in line with the evolutionary price dynamics of the CPI of the National Institute. of Statistics and Censuses (Indec).

“We are going to review the medicine situation. It seems to me that an intervention of the State is needed similar to the agreement of prices in essential products “, was the comment made by the Secretary of Internal Trade this Tuesday. “There can be no essential consumptions that are not regulated,” he considered.

In this context, the official indicated that he has scheduled a meeting with “Luana Volnovich, from PAMI, which is the main buyer of medicines ”and“ we are going to start to see what happens there ”.

“Tomorrow we have a meeting with the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, in which we will also address the issue “, added Feletti.

“There cannot be essential consumption such as food or medicine that does not have some degree of regulation by the State, it cannot be left to the allocation of resources made by the market; Nobody says that the companies providing, producing or laboratories do not have to earn money ”, affirmed Feletti.

According to surveys carried out by the College of Pharmacists, the prices of medicines averaged a 45% increase and those with a higher medical prescription increased 86% so far this year.

For this reason, Feletti said in radio statements that “there is no income policy that is sustained if there are misappropriations in essential consumption. Nobody says that companies don’t have to win. But we all know that monopolies, if they are not regulated, adjust by price and not by quantity ”.

In that sense, he added: “Argentina’s consumption cannot be confined to the business plans of 30 or 40 companies. This also has to be discussed ”.


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