The Jujuy Police detained a man who wanted to cross into Bolivia with a kidnapped baby

The kidnapped baby was just 18 months old

The Search for Persons division of the General Directorate of the Tourist Police of Jujuy, detained a man who apparently intended to cross with false documentation into Bolivia together with a one-and-a-half-year-old baby who had been kidnapped in Buenos Aires.

The incident occurred last Friday, when the security officers, alerted to the disappearance of the minor, began an intense tracking operation that ended with the capture of the suspect, who they identified thanks to the description that the mother of the little girl had made. girl.

According to what you explained Pablo Silveti, press officer of the Jujuy Police, when they were notified of the abduction “the corresponding actions were carried out” and alerts were activated in the area, since there was a version of a Possible arrival of the accused in the city of Libertador General San Martín, in the department of Ledesma.

“There, a large number of police personnel approached with this aim of finding the person responsible for the abduction of this minor. Fortuitously, at 4:45 pm last Friday, at the back of the bus terminal in that town, the agents found this subject “he explained.

According to Silveti, this person had “quite particular attitudes, he seemed nervous, and when asked about his presence in the place, he first said he was a relative of the baby”, but when asked for the pertinent documentation, the uniformed men were able to verify that “ it wasn’t about who he claimed to be. “

“That is why immediate intervention was given to the ordinary prosecutor’s office of the province of Jujuy, of course also to the provincial police and the authorities of the regional unit,” said the official in dialogue with the TN channel.

The suspect was at the disposal of the Justice
The suspect was at the disposal of the Justice

In this sense, Siveti remarked that “This person does not have any affiliation with respect to this minor, he is someone totally alien to this girl” and that in Buenos Aires there is a report of kidnapping made by the mother of the little girl.

“The hypothesis is being handled that the suspect had a sentimental relationship with this woman, but no type of hypothesis is ruled out in the framework of the investigation that is being carried out,” the official explained.

In addition, it indicated that the alleged captor “had the clear intention of passing into Bolivian territory, surely through unauthorized or disabled passages.”

He also highlighted that the mother of the baby “is already in Jujuy and was able to meet again and take care of her daughter”, while the suspect, 26 years old and of Bolivian nationality, was at the disposal of the Justice.

“It is of a public nature that this type of action has occurred at the national level. The province is geographically on the border with the neighboring nation of Bolivia. In this specific case, the Police have had to act in the northern area, in La Quiaca, since years ago it has been possible to detect people who were doing these activities ”, he commented.

According to the latest monthly report released by the Fiscal Unit Specialized in Kidnapping Extortion (UFESE), in January of this year there were five crimes of this nature, one only in February, three in March, in April there were no cases -something that happened for the first time since 2015-, in May three, in June another three, in July four and August one more. So until that moment there were 20 complaints so far this year.


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