The absurd statement of the “cat man” in the trial against him: “That my old woman is dead is a lie”

The Israeli Gil Pereg testified before the Justice for the first time

I see my mother speaking in my head. She tells me that she is kidnapped in a dark place. That my old woman is dead is a lie. I didn’t see a photo, I didn’t see anything. I don’t know where they are. The police and the prosecution hid the bodies on my land”. This Tuesday, the Israeli electronic engineer Gilad Gil Pereg He broke the silence since he was arrested in January 2019 for the crimes of Pyrhia Saroussy and Lily Pereg and whose bodies were found in his home in the Mendoza town of Guaymallén. The defendant gave an absurd statement in the jury trial against him, where the verdict will be known this Wednesday: unimpeachable or guilty?

Gil Pereg, known since his arrest as the “cat man” for acting as if he were a feline, pointed out in his statement against the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office: “I have always loved my mother and my children (her cats). I could never do anything to them. But They armed raids on my property and found nothing; and then these bodies appeared on Saturday, I don’t know whose they are because I didn’t see them, Held.

And he reaffirmed his version: “My mother and my aunt are still alive. They have been kidnapped and are in a dark place that they cannot get out of. My mother talks to me every night, inside my head. She tells me that I have to save her, and I tell her that I can’t because I’m locked up. It is a lie that the bodies have been found on my land. And if they found something, it was something planted. “

“They blame me because I live in a strange, precarious way, in an unusual way like yours”, considered the accused before the popular jury.

Pereg's victims: his mother Pyrhia Saroussy and his aunt, Lily Pereg, who had come to visit him in Argentina
Pereg’s victims: his mother Pyrhia Saroussy and his aunt, Lily Pereg, who had come to visit him in Argentina

According to the defense, led by lawyers Maximiliano Legrand and Lautaro Brachetta, Pereg spoke of his own free will, answering questions from lawyers. He spoke while standing at all times and showing obvious difficulty in putting together the words and phrases, described the newspaper The Andes.

During his statement, the defendant recalled what his life was like in Israel: “I have lived in a closed bubble. I understood when I opened my eyes. After I opened them at the University I went to the Army, I saw how bad they do and I couldn’t bear the pressure for the things they do there. After that I was locked up in the room of the house for eight months ”, he affirmed.

“It took me a lot to study because I have mental illnesses, like paranoia. I saw what the world was like and I understood that it was very ugly. I couldn’t live like this or have relationships with anyone: the only people who were with me were my mother and my grandparents ”, continued his story.

In this context, said Pereg, he decided to “live like a cat”, which is why he was hospitalized shortly after: “He walked naked in the street and ate food on the floor. So my mother told me to go live elsewhere and that she would send me money ”. Already settled in Mendoza, the Israeli asserted that he acted like a two-legged creature only when he had to leave his house.

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