Tchibo offers green electricity from the neighborhood

Trend towards regionally generated energy

The electricity from the neighborhood should now transfer the “Buy Local” idea to the energy market. The concept enables private electricity producers who, for example, generate energy with a solar system to share excess green electricity with others, to help drive the energy transition and to earn money in the process.

Tchibo is cooperating with the green electricity platform operator Enyway for the new offer. The sustainability platform and the trading house are neighbors in Hamburg themselves. The green electricity offer “enyway power” is now available for three months. Tchibo customers save around 100 euros in the first year with a switch bonus, a reduced basic fee and the elimination of a monthly fee from partner Enyway.

Von Tschischwitz: “Want to motivate people to start producing green electricity”

According to Enyway, the electricity comes from convinced energy transition pioneers, all of whom are carefully selected and checked. “We want to contribute to the climate change with our offer and at the same time motivate people to get involved in green electricity production,” says Enyway founder Heiko von Tschischwitz, who also helped build up the green electricity provider Lichtblick.

“Many consumers would like to actively contribute to environmental protection with their behavior. We are pleased to be able to make them an innovative offer with the green electricity offer from Enyway, which supports them”, adds Robert Pauly, Head of Non Food Cooperations at Tchibo. (hoe)

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