Stadtwerke Marburg start a new edition of the CO2 savings bond

Acquisition of the first electric buses

This time, the total volume of the savings bond is limited to six million euros. If the interest in subscribing exceeds the total volume, a lottery will determine who may invest on November 25th among all interested parties.

Stadtwerke Managing Director Holger Armbrüster cited the acquisition of the first two electric buses in Marburg, the expansion of e-charging stations and investments in solar and heat generation projects in the region as examples of how the funds were used. The money will also be used to modernize the electricity, gas and heating networks of the municipal utilities.

25 million euros total volume

In 2011, Stadtwerke Marburg offered its customers a public participation model for the first time. At that time, a bearer bond was oversubscribed after just four days. Since 2013, CO has been involved in cooperation with Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf2-Saving bonds. The funds thus bundled were passed on from the Sparkasse to the Stadtwerke.

The respective volume was always oversubscribed several times within a short period of time. To date, 1,600 customers have participated with a total volume of around 25 million euros. According to Stadtwerke information, the interest rates were well above the market level of comparable products. (jk)

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