Senator Alexander López denounced persecution by the Police in Cali

Alexander López Maya, senator of the Democratic Pole, is being investigated by the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation for alleged intervention in a police process. Photo: Colprensa

The senator of the Polo Democrático Alexander López, human rights organizations from Colombia and five international organizations denounced that they were being illegally intercepted for their work. The responsibility would be of the Metropolitan Police of Cali.

In the statement they assure that on October 28 of this year in the morning, two police officers who were mobilizing on a motorcycle, approached a guard in the San Antonio neighborhood in Cali and gave him an electronic device that they consider may be a device. signal interception. Then one of the police officers, apparently, points in the direction of the office of the senator and the Human Rights Association, Nomadesc.

Then, 17 minutes later the police return (everything was recorded on cameras) and again point to López’s headquarters. After time, the complainants approached the guard who said that he was only taking care of the device, however, he pointed out that he had already told them that he was not going to do it anymore.

For this reason, the organizations asked the State and the control entities to initiate investigations against these members of the Police “involved in the follow-up, monitoring, surveillance, possible interception and theft of information from human rights defenders and opposition political leaders.” For now, the members of the Legislative Work Unit (UTL) of Alexander López have precautionary measures by the IACHR given the risk they run as the team of the presidential candidate.

A few weeks ago, the Democratic Pole Party denounced threats it has received against its main leaders. Through a statement, he explained that these intimidations come from the paramilitaries and that they have been done repeatedly.

On this occasion, the emails of the senator, party president and presidential candidate Alexander López Maya, as well as the leaders Sebastián Quiroga, Hernando Hernández and Carlos Bula, were intercepted. “Comrades have received threats to their emails from the so-called ‘Reorganized Capital Block of the AUC’ accusing them of subversive activities in favor of an insurgent group”, They explained.

They also denounce that these threats even extend to the family circle of those profiled. “The Polo recently [pidió] in a public letter to the President of the Republic and to security agencies carry out investigations into repeated threats to party militants, nationally and regionally ”.

Given this, the party asks for a strong response from the government to carry out investigations, offer protection and inform public opinion of the results of these claims. In addition, they announced that they will file another letter to President Iván Duque on the subject.

The international community has also been informed of this unfortunate situation that threatens democracy, human rights and guarantees to the political opposition ”, conclude the statement signed by the National Executive Committee.. For his part, Senator Iván Cepeda said that it is an escalation of assemblages and persecutions against his party and against the Historical Pact.

A few days ago, the senator filed a right to petition with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the head of Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez, to find out if the Colombian Government knew of some alleged donations that the lawyer Abelardo de la Espriella and his wife made to finance the campaign of a Republican candidate for the United States Congress.


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