President and other politicians outraged by Garavito’s alleged freedom: “He’s a stinking rat”

President Iván Duque from Glasgow

The country’s most famous sexual abuser and murderer of minors, Luis Alfredo Garavito, known as “The Beast”, called for the rejection of the political world for a document that the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute He sent a Judge for the Execution of Sentences to evaluate his eventual freedom.

The President Iván Duque, who promoted the unconstitutional life sentence against child rapists from Congress and in his government, rejected from Scotland, where he attends the COP26 summit, the possibility that Garavito regains freedom.

“I have deep indignation with the possibility that someone suggested that that beast of Garavito was released from prison. That is a bandit, a criminal, a stinking rat who has done nothing but harm children in our country. The fate of this criminal is to remain in jail. The national government neither sponsors nor supports that; and that it is very clear to Mr. Garavito that he will have to stay in jail“Said the president.

Yohana Jiménez, daughter of Gilma Jiménez, and who has insisted on instituting life imprisonment against rapists and murderers of children, also rejected the possibility of the freedom of the “Monster of Genoa”, given the document revealed by the Los Informantes program.

“What is happening seems absurd to me. It does not fit in my head that there are interested parties, apart from the thug and his attorney, who want a man like Luis Alfredo Garavito to be released. We are talking about a disgusting thug who kidnapped, tortured and murdered more than 150 children, ”Jiménez told Semana magazine.

The Senator of the Democratic Center, Maria del Rosario Guerra, who is part of the pro-life caucus in Congress, also spoke about the news, alluding to a project that he filed to “eliminate benefits” to rapists and murderers, to which he reiterated criticism of his party’s administration of justice.

“What about Garavito is inconceivable. A monster of such dangerousness CANNOT go free. It cannot be that in Colombia justice seems to be more on the side of the perpetrators than of the victims, who are the ones who suffer in their own flesh the worst humiliations and aberrations, ”Guerra wrote on Twitter.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jennifer arias, summoned the Minister of Justice Wilson Ruiz to intervene in the judicial process and prevent the freedom of the convicted person, despite the fact that he would not have the competence to do so if the requirements were met.

I call on the Ministry of Justice, Wilson Ruiz, not to allow an infamy like this to happen. Garavito does not deserve to see the sunlight again. Their freedom would be an affront to the families of hundreds of victims and an imminent danger to children, ”the congresswoman wrote on her social networks.

It was also pronounced in Inpec, after the Caracol channel’s Los Informantes program revealed the document that that entity sent to a judge, related to Garavito’s freedom. He assures that it is a procedural report that must be carried out with all those convicted.

The Penitentiary Institute reiterated that it is not competent to request the release of prisoners, but that this function corresponds to the judge of execution of sentences, who must evaluate the benefit based on a document in which the Inpec details the time of sentence and redemption. That would be the one he sent to a Valledupar judge on May 14.

The Court of Execution of Penalties and Security Measures of the Valledupar Circuit denied freedom for the rapist, although he is already close to serving 3/5 of the sentence, which he has paid since 1999, for the rape and murder of up to 200 children in various cities in the country.


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