Petroperú warns that illegal occupants of Station 5 of the Pipeline threaten to set it on fire

Petroperú urges the illegal occupants of this facility to dialogue. | Photo: Andean Agency

The state company Petroperú pointed out that this monday has received a threat to set fire to the assets found in Station 5 of the North Peruvian Pipeline, from those who illegally occupy this facility.

Through a statement, he specified that this threat is made by the leaders who illegally keep this facility under their control for 28 days, which would constitute an attack on the infrastructure of the Peruvian State.

It should be remembered that it is an industrial zone where there are about 70 thousand barrels of stored crude oil and other combustion elements that together with the fire they can produce a catastrophic loss with serious consequences for the lives of the people, not only the occupants, but also the inhabitants of the neighboring community Félix Flores; as well as for the environment”, He warned.


Petroperú pointed out that it is prevented from having control of the facilities, a situation that makes it impossible to carry out any operational action, as well as attending emergencies in the event of a contingency, or a violent event that triggers an emergency.

The state company indicated that it has been alerting the competent authorities of the serious risks to the integrity of the people that this occupation represents.

Likewise, it has made the corresponding complaints considering that the facts constitute a crime against public safety in the modality of hindering the operation of public services, as well as coercion, house rape, extortion, among others”, He specified.


For this reason, he reiterated to those responsible for these events, to put down the measures of force and cease their threats that only generate a latent risk to their lives and that of the communities, leave Station 5 and resume the dialogue with the corresponding government bodies.

Likewise, Petroperú expressed its heartfelt regret over the death of the vice president of the Awajún del Río Apaga Native Federation (FENARA), Agustín Ampush Tseje, who died of respiratory problems, as reported by the Apu of his Atahualpa community.

This leader was part of the group of protesters who have taken Station 5 a few days ago.

As has already been repeatedly warned in all our communications, the protesters do not respect the biosecurity protocols against COVID-19, exposing themselves to the serious consequences of this disease”, He indicated.

Finally, he indicated that the primary purpose is to safeguard the well-being and health of the Amazonian communities, for which the only way is dialogue within the framework of the rule of law and respect for current regulations.

Earlier, the printing company reported that around 150 people were still taking over the facilities of Station 5 of the Norperuano Pipeline (ONP), in Manseriche, Datem del Marañón province, Loreto, demanding a solution to a series of social demands from the State.

Given this, Petroperú urged the representatives of the federations that promote these actions to make their claims in a peaceful manner, through dialogue with government institutions, maintaining social peace, avoiding violent actions that put their lives at risk and continue paralyzing the hydrocarbon industry.

As is known, the measure of force – adopted last October 4 – is promoted by the Native Federation Awajún Río Apaga (Fenara) and the Peoples Affected by Petroleum Activity (PAAP), in demand of a series of projects related to services basic.

(With information from Agencia Andina)


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