Oh Se-hoon’s ‘Erase Park Won-soon’ budget comes true

▲ Seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government has prepared the budget for next year at 44.748 trillion won. It is the first time in history that it has surpassed the 40 trillion won mark, and it is the largest amount ever, an increase of 9.8% from this year’s budget. However, it has come to the center of controversy as the budget for projects promoted by former Mayor Park Won-soon, including the subsidy project entrusted to the private sector, has been drastically reduced.

At a press briefing on the 2022 budget plan held in the briefing room of the Seoul City Hall on the morning of the 1st, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “We saved a total of 1.15 trillion won by carrying out fiscal innovation by boldly restructuring conventional and wasteful fiscal spending.” said.

He explained that this included 83.2 billion won in savings from subsidy projects entrusted to the private sector in relation to ‘making Seoul right’. This is a 47% reduction from the previous 178.8 billion won.

In response to the criticism of erasing the full-time mayor over budget cuts for private subsidy projects, Mayor Oh said, “There were many cases where privately-consigned or subsidized projects deviated from the principles. ‘ I cannot agree with the objection that ‘it is a denial of civil cooperation’ or even ‘a destruction of democracy’.”

In the labor sector, the budget for the Workers’ Comprehensive Support Center was significantly cut. It is reported that the budget has been reduced by 20% to 70% for each center. Nam-shin Lee, director of the Seoul Labor Rights and Rights Center, exclaimed, “Isn’t this the level of not being in business?”

Projects such as improvement of the working environment for vulnerable workers (2.7 billion won), such as signing up for a private accident insurance group for delivery workers, and the distribution of 200 electric handcarts for cleaning workers (2 billion won) were included.

The city of Seoul submitted the budget for next year to the Seoul City Council on the same day. City councilors belonging to the Democratic Party and Justice Party foretold a thorough review. Seo Yoon-gi, a city council member from the Democratic Party of Korea, said, “It is a thorough political budget. Justice Party City Councilman Kwon Su-jeong said, “The budget has been cut not only in labor but also in housing, transportation, and civic sectors.


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