Nikkei 225 price: the index decreases 0.43% in the session of November 2

Bearish session for the Nikkei 225, which ended Tuesday, November 2, with slight decreases in 0,43%, until the 29,520.90 points. The Nikkei 225 marked a maximum of 29,599.57 points and a minimum of 29,457.18 points. The trading range for the Nikkei 225 between its highest and lowest points (maximum-minimum) during this day it stood at the 0,48%.

In relation to the profitability of the last week, the Nikkei 225 score a promotion from 1,43%, so that in the last year it still conserves an increase in 25,76%. The Nikkei 225 a 3,75% below its maximum this year (30,670.10 points) and a 9,28% above its minimum price for the current year (27,013.25 points).

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