More wind turbines on land went into operation

Bavaria only with 8 systems

The numbers come in the middle of the coalition negotiations between the SPD, Greens and FDP. In their exploratory paper, the three parties named the goal of drastically accelerating the expansion of renewable energies and removing all hurdles and obstacles.

When it comes to the expansion of onshore wind power from January to the end of September, Brandenburg is ahead with 76 wind turbines, followed by Lower Saxony (71), North Rhine-Westphalia (50) and Schleswig-Holstein (48). In the state of Bavaria, the largest in terms of area, there were only 8.

Net expansion at 1.2 GW

Because, according to the industry, 165 wind turbines with an output of 172 MW were also shut down, the so-called net increase is 1200 MW. The number of newly approved wind turbines that are not yet in operation increased significantly in the first nine months compared to the previous year.

Albers said the key to more permits is in the areas. “That is why it is essential that the new federal government sets a clear premise here. 2 percent in every federal state must be made mandatory.” That is also the goal of the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. The exploratory paper states that two percent of the land area should be designated for onshore wind power. So far, this possible target has not been achieved by a long way.

Impending bottlenecks in the south

“Nobody should take away their responsibility for the energy transition,” said Albers. “In addition, the announced tightening of permits is required.” The motto must be faster and significantly easier to compensate for the additions made in recent years.

Albers also warned: “The inadequate expansion and the lack of permits are creating a dangerous mix in the high-consumption south-east and south-west. (dpa / jk)

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