Mittelstand demands the right to query the vaccination status

Status: 02.11.2021 10:50 a.m.

In view of the rapidly increasing corona numbers, medium-sized businesses are pushing to enable companies to query the vaccination status of their employees. There are further demands from the economy to contain the infections.

The Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises (BVMW) has demanded that employers be allowed to inquire about the vaccination status of their employees in view of the strong increase in the corona numbers. It is the task of a new federal government to provide clarity about what employers are allowed to do and what not, said Federal Managing Director Markus Jerger of the dpa news agency.

The 3G regulations are already being used in many German medium-sized companies, says Jerger: “There is still uncertainty as to whether employers are allowed to inquire about the vaccination status of their employees. It is important that everyday life in the companies does not come to a standstill again due to quarantine and sick leave.

BDI brings 3G into play in the workplace

Similar demands are coming from the industry: Siegfried Russwurm, President of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), has called on the federal and state governments to do significantly more against the rapid rise in the corona numbers – regulations such as 3G are definitely an option to prevent this Avoid failures in companies. “The federal and state governments must quickly jointly create a clear federal legal basis so that companies can apply 3G-based protective measures for their employees in a comprehensible and planned manner in the coming weeks,” said Russwurm Year when she shied away from consistent and centrally effective measures. “

In addition, the BDI President criticized the fact that the decision to lift the epidemic situation of national importance given the current escalation of the situation was the wrong signal: “In view of the rapidly increasing number of infections, it does not do justice to the seriousness of the situation to publicly indicate the imminent normal state. ” The SPD, Greens and FDP, who are currently in coalition negotiations, want the epidemic situation, which forms the legal basis for drastic corona restrictions such as curfews, to expire on November 25th. Then the federal states could decide more freely about future regulations.

Compulsory vaccination required for critical industries

Especially in industries in which employees work with vulnerable groups, such as in nursing homes or childcare, a vaccination must now come, Russwurm told the dpa: “Politics has the task of protecting children and all other particularly vulnerable people. Otherwise, there is a risk they long-term preventable harm from infections for hundreds of thousands of people. ” In addition, functioning childcare is essential in order to be able to guarantee a normal workflow in the companies. A small group of people who refuse to be vaccinated should not paralyze an entire society with the majority of those who have been vaccinated in the coming months.

The social association VdK also demands that employees and visitors in clinics and care facilities must in future be tested regardless of their vaccination status. The facilities must ensure that free tests are offered and only people who have tested negative are allowed in, said VdK President Verena Bentele.

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