Melissa Paredes records Rodrigo Cuba chasing her in his truck: “This is harassment”

The model recognized the soccer player’s car from the license plate, according to her lawyer.

Through your attorney Patricia Simons, Melissa Paredes shared images of Rodrigo Cuba chasing her, allegedly, in a van. This after the couple decided to separate definitively by the ampay of the model kissing her dancer.

In the video released by Magaly TV, The Firm, Melissa begins to record with her cell phone after realizing that there is a vehicle that is following her throughout her journey.

The black truck would be being driven by the ‘Gato’ Cuba. Although it is not possible to see his face, the examiner points out that it is him from the license plate of the car.

“In other words, one cannot be calm because now they have surveillance here, outside waiting for me to leave, what time do I leave, what time do I enter, everything”She expresses surprise when she sees her husband’s car outside a building.

In another shot, Melissa records how the black truck is behind her car at all times. “Are you seriously following your car behind me? Are you serious? I can’t believe it, this is already too much “, he maintains.

In the images, it is observed that the former driver of América Hoy is in the company of her daughter Mía and a third person, who is in charge of recording Rodrigo Cuba’s car while Melissa is with her hands behind the wheel.

“There is your car, let the license plate be seen, please. What is this, harassment, is already too much “, expresses at the end.

Magaly medina She was surprised by the clip presented and asked Patricia Simons why Rodrigo had gone to the extreme of monitoring her. “Let’s ask him, I don’t know”, replied the lawyer.


Attorney Patricia Simons made it clear that Melissa Paredes She feels uncomfortable and worried about the harassment suffered by her husband Rodrigo Cuba. Nevertheless, you have no thought of suing him.

“I have told you, to report the harassment. She doesn’t want that because she wants to reach an agreement with him and not make things bigger, that’s why she doesn’t report “, said the lawyer.

The ‘Urraca’ replied that the situation between them was already complicated enough not to proceed legally. Remember that Rodrigo Cuba He has already denounced the former driver for abandoning his home.

“I have told you. You know that lawyers propose, but finally the client decides. I have proposed it. He does not want to leave the house when he is with the girl, he has had to take out his briefcase to shower at his mother’s house “, said.


In conversation with América Hoy, the former protagonist of Dos Hermanas attacked her ex-partner Rodrigo Cuba, assuring that the soccer player cannot overcome her.

According to his version, Rodrigo wanted to continue his marriage even though Melissa had told him that she no longer loved him. “He never accepted that I was no longer his wife, that I was no longer his wife, that we were no longer together”she said annoyed.

Even after seeing the images of Melissa kissing her dancer inside a truck, the UCV footballer did not want to twist his arm.

He’s obsessed with me. After the ampay I told him ‘Rodrigo, understand, I’m not going back to you. Not clear to you? There is an ampay and you still want to continue with me? I can’t, nor do I want to. ‘ He does not listen to me, for him that does not exist, he obviates me. What I feel as a woman for him is not worth, Held.

Faced with this refusal, Melissa implied that Rodrigo Cuba would be taking revenge on her by trying to take her away from her four-year-old daughter. “He only cares about the material, nor does he care about his daughter. He is not interested, only that I pay for the electricity “, said.


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