Melissa Paredes’ lawyer shows evidence against Gato Cuba and Magaly Medina questions her

(Photo: Capture TV)

The host of Magaly TV La Firme began the night of November 1 by stating that during the program they would be revealed new evidence against Rodrigo Cuba that Melissa Paredes’ lawyer would have given to the production of the program.

Said tests would be audios, videos and WhatsApp conversations that would deny the footballer. After pronouncing on Rodrigo Cuba’s complaint and the latest statements by Melissa Paredes on the América Hoy program, the lawyer Patricia Simons he linked up with Magaly to begin the revelation of the evidence.

“Melissa has reached you all the audios and videos where she speaks with her legal representative since October 11 and tells her to make a statement and go to the notary”, says the lawyer while Magaly stressed that the ampay was on 19 and was issued on October 20.

On the screen there was a conversation between Melissa and her manager, José Víctor Vergara, where they talked about her new “friendly” relationship with her still husband, Gato Cuba. Also, from another screenshot from October 12 where Melissa asks him to make a written agreement about their separation.

(Photo: Capture TV)
(Photo: Capture TV)

After showing other conversations on the morning of the ampay day where the former beauty queen kept insisting on her manager that she needed the document that would prove the end of her marriage relationship, Magaly Medina questioned her words.

“You already had the ampay from the day before unless she realized that they were following her or the awareness of what she was doing because no one knew better than her that she was already cheating with someone”Said the journalist who later indicated that she was very desperate for the model to get the agreement.


Magaly Medina asked the lawyer why her client did not present the evidence the day after the ampay was revealed when she appeared on the América Hoy program. Patricia Simons revealed that Melissa’s manager was afraid the actress would be fired from driving.

“The manager was very afraid that people would find out that she did not have a constituted family because it did not fit the profile of the program that she is not a woman who had a constituted home”said the lawyer who also stressed that Melissa is suspended without receiving a salary and awaiting the end of her contract, which will not be renewed.

The journalist was surprised and addressed Gisela Valcárcel herself. “You fire her, you give her the perfect suspension from work and you don’t pay her. At least pay him until December because Gise, is what is done on television “.


Continuing with the presentation of the evidence, Magaly showed some videos that Melissa Paredes would have recorded when she was driving her car where her husband is still chasing her from behind.

“In other words, one cannot be calm because now they have surveillance here, outside waiting for him to come out. What time do I leave, what time do I enter, everything “, is heard in the first video of the voice of the model.

“Are you seriously following your car behind me? Are you serious? I can’t believe it, it’s really too much. What is this? Bullying? It is too much”Melissa expresses as she sees the footballer’s car behind hers.

La Urraca was surprised and did not understand why the harassment has not been reported. The lawyer said that the former member of Reinas del Show wants to reach an agreement with Rodrigo without “making things bigger.”


Finally, some audios were played where Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba are heard in a small discussion in front of their youngest daughter. “The truth is that you are cynical, cynical, cynical (…) Psycho, get out, it is heard from the voice of the model


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