MARKETS A.LATINA-Currencies operate differently in key week due to Fed meeting

By Froilan Romero SANTIAGO, Nov 2 (Reuters) – Latin American currencies traded unevenly at the start of operations on Tuesday while a large part of the global stock markets posted increases, pending the statement released this week by the Federal Reserve Bank of United States after a two-day monetary policy meeting. * The focus is now on the message from the Fed, which kicks off its two-day meeting on Tuesday and may announce a gradual reduction in its huge asset purchases. Markets are also forecasting an interest rate hike following the Bank of England meeting scheduled for Thursday. * In recent weeks, investors have reacted tentatively well to the first wave of monetary tightening from central banks, as they estimate that monetary policy authorities are concerned enough about rising inflation to end the levels of relaxation of the pandemic era. * The Brazilian real appreciated a slight 0.03%, to 5.6797 units per dollar, while the Bovespa index of the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange gained 1.98%, to 105,550.86 points. * In Argentina, the peso fell 0.06%, to 99.88 per dollar in depreciation regulated by the central bank, while the Merval stock index of the Buenos Aires stock exchange fell 0.27%, to 87,228, 7 units, after gaining 4.67% the day before. * The Chilean peso depreciated a marginal 0.04%, to 814.20 / 814.50 units per dollar, in a highly volatile session. Meanwhile, the leading index of the Santiago Stock Exchange, the IPSA, climbed 2.67%, to 4,201.30 units. * “The peso is showing a tension that is increasing as the elections approach (in Chile), a situation that always makes the markets nervous as a result of the uncertainty that is generated and that many times also leads to speculation”, said a foreign currency trader at a stock brokerage. * The Colombian peso was operating with a marginal decline of 0.03% to 3,768.15 units per dollar, in a calm session after a local holiday; while the MSCI COLCAP stock index of the stock market rose 0.20% to 1,396.84 points. * The Peruvian currency, the sol, fell 0.4% to 4.006 / 4.008 units per dollar. Meanwhile, the benchmark for the Lima Stock Exchange lost 0.04%, to 551.66 points. * Mexican markets were closed on Tuesday due to the commemoration of the Day of the Dead. Quotes at 1406 GMT Stock indices Quotation Daily pct chg Daily pct chg in the year MSCI Markets 1,264.54 -0.02 -2.11 Emerging MSCI Latin America 2,120.18 0.55 -13.52 Bovespa Brazil 105,550.86 1, 98 -11.3146 CPI Mexico 51,653.26 0.67 17.22 Argentina MerVal 0 0 -100.00 COLCAP Colombia 1,397.26 0.23 ∞ IPSA Chile 4,200.2 2.64 -17.72 Selective Peru 550.88 -0.18 7.52 Dollar against currencies Quote Var pct Var pct monthly in the year Brazilian real 5.6797 -0.71 -8.56 Mexican peso 20.7313 -0.97 -4.12 Chilean peso 814, 6 -0.16 -12.73 Colombian peso 3,765.39 -0.19 -9.02 Peruvian sol 3.9874 0.28 -9.41 Argentine peso 99.84 -0.13 -15.86 (Report of Froilán Romero. Additional reporting by Nelson Bocanegra in Bogotá, Jorge Otaola and Walter Bianchi in Buenos Aires and Benjamín Mejías. Edited by Marion Giraldo)

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