Magaly Medina apologized LIVE to Laura Spoya for revealing that she was pregnant

The journalist apologized to the former beauty queen for telling her secret. (Photo: Instagram / Capture TV)

Last November 1st, Magaly medina spoke in his program about the second pregnancy of Laura spoya Since last Friday, October 30, the popular Magpie revealed the news before the future mother herself.

As we know, last week’s program was recorded and the exact moment that the journalist revealed the secret of the former Miss Peru could not be edited or corrected.

The show host was linked via video call with the influencer in the last broadcast of her program. “The program recorded on Friday, we committed a mistake that we should not have done because it was something that Laura Spoya had told me in private because we had been together here in Lima. It left me, it really sparked me, I put in fourMedina began by saying.

“You passed Magaly, anyone tells me in advance to take a photo of me. I was eating a chocolate and they begin to congratulate me. I thought about you. You were the first person that crossed my mind “Laura commented between laughter and with good humor from her home in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Magaly confessed she tried to save the news. “The truth was not my intention, I had jealously kept the secret”, expressed Medina who added that Laura felt very bad with the symptoms of her pregnancy.

During the connection, the former Miss Peru confessed that her new son arrived earlier than expected. This baby was planned but not so fast. It was the first attempt, just coming out of the COVID, it crossed me in the middle of the road “.

She also revealed that at the end of November she would travel to Peru to promote her new personal care brand dedicated to women. “We are going to be with you, you owe it to me”, he pointed.

Finally, Urraca indicated that very soon part of his production team would travel to Mexican soil to interview the model. For her part, Laura expressed that she would like Magaly herself to travel to visit her.


After the infidence of Magaly medina, there was no other choice Laura spoya to pronounce on the news. Former miss Peru It did not take long to respond through his social networks and confirm that he was in the sweet waiting.

“Holi friends. I was going to wait a little longer to appear per bueee hahaha. Tomorrow I will upload stories telling you everything. I have been terrible terrible these months, feeling terrible (I am already a little better every time) ”, indicated in the first lines of his message in his Instagram story.

“Thank you for the messages, future moms hold on, because here comes motherhood and pregnancy without a filter. How hard this. I always love you ”, concluded the influencer, who had her first daughter on January 15, 2019, as a result of her marriage to Brian Rullán.

Laura Spoya confirms pregnancy.  (Photo: Instagram)
Laura Spoya confirms pregnancy. (Photo: Instagram)


Laura spoya and Brian Rullan They connected in a video call this November 2 on the América Tv program, En Boca de Todos to tell details about her recent pregnancy.

The driver Maju Mantilla began by asking him about his symptoms. “With my first pregnancy I had absolutely no symptoms but this time they all came to me. Headache, nausea, I don’t like food, even people don’t like me “, replied the former Miss Peru.

For her part, Tula Rodríguez said he would be a man. “Then he is a male daughter because boys are always annoying”he commented between laughs. He also asked if they had thought of any names.

Antonio definitely and if Antonia is a woman. It’s because his (Brian’s) dad’s name is Antonio and we wanted to put him after him. The truth is that if she is a woman, we have no idea “. Laura confessed who was at the airport with her partner.


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